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Eucalyptus wood has various characteristics that make this species an excellent hardwood for landscaping.

Eucalyptus trees grow long and straight, giving the wood strength and stability beyond other hardwood. Compared to other hardwoods, such as oak and teak, it is 10-20% denser on average, making these sleepers a cost-effective alternative to other hardwoods of similar strength.

Being cut from sleeper grade material, your sleepers will primarily have straight edges, however, there may be some slight wane to one or two edges, as well as some knots, bark and surface checks, but essentially they are a very affordable characterful piece of timber ideal for a multitude of uses.

These sleepers are rot and decay resistant with a high oil content that repels water and moisture, with minimal maintenance they will last for years.

The unique colour of these sleepers will range from dark red to pink, naturally weathering to a soft grey if left untreated. Staining your sleepers will help with maintaining the woods beautifully natural rich tones.

Sleepers measure 2.44m x 200mm x 100mm

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