Round & Half Round Timber

Weston Sawmill's round and half-round timber are ideal for a diverse range of domestic and commercial fencing jobs.

If you are looking to build a beautiful decorative border, outline a garden walkway, finish garden fencing or even build jumps for horses our multi-use machine rounded timber is the best choice.
Here at Weston Sawmill, we stock non-pointed timber poles in a number of lengths and diameters which suit the aforementioned uses plus many more!

You can also add a decorative flair to flowerbeds by adding timber posts, which create an effective and aesthetically pleasing border. For horse owners, our sturdy wooden poles make great jumps as they will not split or splinter when they hit the ground.
Our range of half-round timber is ideal for securing expanding trellis and is often used to border gardens or vegetable patches. All of our half-round rails are pressure treated to increases its durability.

If you need any more information about Weston Sawmill's range of machine round and half-round timber range, please get in touch today on 01952 850 383.

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