Decorating Your Christmas Tree

How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree Like a Professional

Whether you have your Christmas tree up already, waiting for a few more weeks or you don’t even want to contemplate putting it up until the middle of December, decorating your Christmas tree is a task that many people look forward to and enjoy doing, especially those with attention to detail. If you strive to create a visually attractive tree like the ones you see in magazines, online or on TV, the following article is packed with expert tips on how to decorate it like a professional. Play your favourite Christmas songs and get decorating!

Choose The Perfect Tree

Professional decorating begins with the perfect base. If you are putting up an artificial tree, opt for a traditional style as it wouldn’t go out of fashion for years to come. On the other hand, if your household enjoys the annual trip to the tree farm and handpicking a real one, ensure its the right height, the branches are evenly distributed and it has a healthy green hue. For more information, have a read of our guide to choosing the perfect Christmas tree

Decide On A Theme

To achieve a professional look, a Christmas must have a central look to tie the decorations together so decide on a theme that resonates with your home or style. Examples of popular themes include traditional, neutral or you can get more creative with a woodland or retro theme. You can also decide on a coloured theme such as red and gold, white and silver or multi-coloured. 

Start With The Lights

Once you have fluffed up or separated your tree branches, it’s ready for decorating. Start with the string lights first because it is more difficult to do this when the ornaments are added. Additionally, the type of lights can make a difference, we recommended using white or clear LED lights to create a neutral base. Make sure to check all lights are in good working condition. There is no correct way of hanging string lights, once the plug reaches the socket. Some start weaving them at the bottom and work their way up or vice versa. Another way is hanging them vertically to avoid having to go around the tree.

Invest In Statement Ornaments

This is where your chosen theme comes to life. Invest in a few statement ornaments that harmonise the theme, rather than overcrowding the tree with random ornaments. Place larger ornaments in central places and spread them out. Add smaller ornaments and baubles to fill up any gaps. This creates a balanced and professional look. Position delicate or personalised ornaments higher up the tree so they are out of reach from little hands and pets. Don’t forget to add the most important ornament, the big star or angel at the top! Alternatively, opt for a bow or snowflake as a non-traditional option. 

Add A Tree Skirt

Never underestimate the addition of a tree skirt. Choosing one that matches your theme contributes to the overall appearance. There are many different styles to choose from including wicker, crushed velvet, faux fur or metal. Tree skirts are made to conceal unsightly pots or tree stands or wires, making them the ideal base for Christmas presents.

Layer With Ribbons

The decorations can stop here, but if you’re looking to add extra elegance, layer it with matching ribbons or tinsel. Select ones with wire edges so you have more control over the shape. While some people think ribbons and tinsel look tacky, the key is not to overdo it. Stick to one or two well-matched colours and drape them gracefully for a cohesive finish.

Find Your Perfect Christmas Tree At Weston Sawmill

So there you have it – your guide to turning your Christmas tree into a professionally decorated showstopper! Remember, it’s not just about achieving a picture-perfect tree, it’s about enjoying the process and even getting the whole family involved. If you are planning a trip to the tree farm soon, make sure to visit Weston Sawmill toward the end of November. From Nordmann Fir to Norway Spruce variations, your perfect Christmas tree will be waiting for you. Read our Christmas tree guide for more information. Our Christmas shop will also be open for festive gifts, ornaments and decorations. 
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