Choosing the Perfect Christmas Tree

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Christmas Tree

As the festive season approaches, the annual trip to the Christmas tree farm or nursery is often an exciting and popular tradition amongst families across the nation. Whether this year is your first or hundredth time picking your own real Christmas tree, you will want to choose the best one available. At Weston Sawmill, we know all the tips and tricks to find the one. So, we thought it would be helpful to combine them in the following guide.

Measure Your Space

Before you make your quest to the Christmas tree nursery, take a moment to assess the space you have available in the room where you want the Christmas tree to stand, whether that is your living room, foyer or another room. Measure both the height and width to determine the maximum size your tree can be. We also recommend measuring your tree stand for reference to ensure it fits perfectly. This step is crucial in avoiding any last-minute surprises when you bring your tree home.

Know Your Christmas Tree Types 

When it comes to Christmas trees, not all of them are the same. It’s worth having a general idea of different types. In the UK, you will typically come across two main types of Christmas trees:

Norway Spruce – When you think of a classic Christmas tree, it’s more likely a Norway Spruce. Known for its lovely pine scent and triangular shape. However, it has shorter needle retention, so be prepared for some needle shedding. Luckily, this can be minimised by positioning it away from heat sources as well as keeping it hydrated.

Nordmann FirKnown for its soft, glossy and non-drop needles, the Nordmann Fir has a wide base and it is a popular choice among families with pets and young children. It is also budget-friendly. It retains its needles well, keeping your home clean throughout the festive season. Unfortunately, it is unscented and lacks the rich pine smell.


When you’re at the Christmas tree nursery, give the tree a thorough inspection. Look for vibrant green needles that are firmly attached to the branches. Shake the tree gently. if it sheds a lot of needles, it may not be the best choice. Next, ensure the tree’s height fits your available space comfortably. It’s also a good idea to leave some room at the top for your Christmas tree topper. 

A full and well-shaped tree with even branches will look balanced and can be easier to decorate. Walk around the tree to ensure it has a symmetrical shape from all angles. You don’t want a tree with a noticeable gap of bare branches!

Tree Maintenance

Once you’re happy with your chosen tree, make sure it’s securely tied to your vehicle for the journey home. This will prevent any damage to the tree and ensure it arrives in its original condition. The perfect Christmas tree doesn’t end there. Once you’ve set up your tree at home, remember to allow it to drop before decorating and remember to water it regularly. For more information on how to properly maintain your Christmas tree, read our other guides including Caring for Your Christmas tree and Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresher For Longer

Visit Our Christmas Tree Nursery

Picking the perfect Christmas tree is an essential part of the preparations. Not only will it look beautiful but also fills your home with the festive spirit, a sense of nostalgia and a rich pine scent. So when the time comes to choose your Christmas tree, make sure to keep this guide in mind!

For Christmas trees in Shropshire, Wolverhampton and Staffordshire, make sure to stop by Weston Sawmill. From the middle of November, our Christmas tree nursery will be open and fully stocked with traditional and non-drop types as well as potted options in various widths and heights. Don’t hesitate to ask a member of staff for advice or help. Our Christmas shop will also be open for all your decorating and gifting needs. To keep updated on the latest news including our opening date of our Christmas tree nursery and shop, keep an eye on our Facebook page. For other enquiries, please contact us.