Fence with snow covered top

How to Protect Your Timber Fencing in the Winter

It’s around that time of the year again, when homeowners start to prepare their gardens for winter. They make sure to prune their gardens, move delicate plants from outdoors to a greenhouse or conservatory, store away garden furniture, power wash their decking and driveways, as well as rack and mow their lawns. 

However one part of the garden that often has less attention or is completely neglected is timber fencing. The combination of cold temperatures, moisture and strong winds can take a huge toll on timber fencing – rotting, warping or other damage. Unfortunately, timber fencing can’t be easily taken up and moved inside the same way as delicate plants or garden furniture. Instead, we’ll take you through the crucial steps of protecting your timber fencing from the harsh winter ahead. 

Trim Back 

If you have any hedges or trees beside your timber fencing, they may be overgrown and in need of a trim. Storms can cause branches to drop, break or fall. Overhanging branches or overgrown hedges can cause rubbing against the wood and cause scratches or damage.

Inspect, Repair & Wash 

Before winter, it’s a good idea to inspect your timber fencing first. Look out for any loose posts, boards, nails or rotten wood. If you spot any of these issues, it’s essential to repair them. Replace any nails or loose boards with new ones and ensure they are secured properly. Finally, use a pressure washer on a lower setting or a garden hose with a spray nozzle to give it a thorough wash and remove any cobwebs, leaves, dirt and algae. To remove green patches of algae, rub it with equal amounts of bleach and water, rinse thoroughly and allow to dry.

Apply A Protective Finish

Once your timber fencing is clean, dry and in good condition, it can be applied with a protective finish. You can choose from various options such as wood stains, paints or wood preservatives. These finishes add an extra layer of protection from the harsh weather and enhance the appearance of your fencing. 

If there is any flaking or peeling paint, make sure to scrape it down beforehand with a scraper and smooth it down with sandpaper to achieve an even result. Apply the finish during dry conditions so it dries down nicely. Don’t forget to cover the ground below the areas where you’ll be painting with a plastic sheet or an old bedsheet, this will prevent stains from any dripping or splattering paint.

Regular Maintenance

A freshly painted fence shouldn’t be left to deflect the winter on its own, it still needs some regular maintenance. Make sure the base of your timber fencing is clear of debris and leaves. Collected debris can trap moisture against the wooden posts, leading to a weakened or rotted base. A pile of snowfall also contains moisture and can damage the wood over time. 

If you experience heavy snowfall, use a soft brush to clear the majority of snow on and around your fencing. Be sure to avoid using salt or chemical de-icers on your fencing as this can be harmful to the wood and the protective finish. Storms are the biggest enemy for fencing as it can cause significant damage. After every storm, inspect your fencing again, keep a look out for loose boards, nails or leaning posts and get them fixed yourself or by a professional.

Pressure-Treated Timber Fencing At Weston Sawmill

If your current timber fencing has been recently damaged from a storm or looks like it needs to be replaced, it might be time to replace it with new timber fencing. At Weston Sawmill, we supply pressure-treated wooden panel fencing such as close board and trellis options, round poles, half round poles and sawn timber for both domestic and commercial applications around Shropshire, Staffordshire and Wolverhampton. Pressure-treated fencing means the wood has undergone a preservation process which increases its longevity, makes it low-maintenance and ideal for the winter period.

Visit our lumber yard in Weston-Under-Lizard, Shropshire to view our fencing products. We also offer premium, made-to-measure fencing as well as free local and nationwide delivery. For more information on our products, please contact us.