Caring for Your Christmas Tree


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Christmas Tree Care with Weston Sawmill

There are a number of Christmas trees can be brought indoors for decorating at the most wonderful time of year.

The majority are cut trees, but some people also choose container-grown and containerised trees too.

Weston Sawmill is the leading suppliers of Christmas trees in both Shropshire and Staffordshire with customers travelling from far and wide to grab one of our trees.

Caring for Your Tree

The best advice we can offer is to purchase a locally sourced and grown tree (such as the ones at Weston Sawmill) rather than one that has been grown abroad.

When displaying trees indoors, try to avoid placing them too close to a fire or radiator as this will lead to excessive moisture loss and needle drop.

Tips for Cut Trees

When you arrive home with your tree cut 1 inch (2.5cm) off the bottom using a pruning saw and place in a stand with a well of water in the base. You will need to check daily and top up the water when the level drops, and with care, the tree should last four weeks.

Potted Tree Care

To reduce the stress and damage to a living tree, we recommend displaying them in a cool room. Try to bring trees indoors as late as possible (perhaps the weekend before Christmas) and do not keep them in the house longer than 12 days. If your tree starts to deteriorate put it back outside.

Pruning and Training

Christmas trees require very little training when grown outdoors. Try to maintain an attractive shape, removing any shoots that spoil the silhouette or any strong upright branches which compete with the leading stem. You will need to prune away any dead, diseased or dying branches.

Christmas trees that are planted in pots will be a certain size, according to the size of the pot.

Buy Your Christmas Tree from Weston Sawmill

If you are still looking for your Christmas tree for this year, contact Weston Sawmill now. Our trees will be on sale from the end of November, but if you are looking to spread some festive cheer a bit earlier, we can arrange an earlier collection. 

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