Sawn Posts

Pressure-treated sawn posts from Weston Sawmill are suitable for domestic fencing and are available in a variety of lengths.

Weston Sawmill supply a wide range of sawn timber posts to meet your specific requirements for garden fencing.

Our sizes range from 0.9 metres up to 3.6 metres for larger domestic garden fencing.

Reasons to Choose Timber Instead of Concrete Fencing Posts -

- Here are three reasons why you should choose timber instead of concrete posts -

Appearance - Many people will choose between timber and concrete fence posts based on their individual tastes. Timber is more attractive to look at and is much easier to match with your choice of fence panels and create a consistent garden aesthetic. - 

Weight - Concrete is a solid material which is incredibly heavy which makes its installation more difficult. The installation of timber is much more straight-forward as they weigh considerably less than concrete. -

Manufactured To Last - Timber from Weston Sawmill is manufactured to last for years without any signs of deterioration. -

Sawn timber posts from Weston Sawmill are pressure-treated which means they are protected from rot and decay which can be common in wooden products. This can be the case, particularly for ones being inserted into the ground. Pressure treatment also means you will not need any additional treatments to be applied throughout their life. -

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Weston Sawmill also offers sawn timber cladding, rails and joists for all your garden design requirements.

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