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Winter Fencing Maintenance with Weston Sawmill

Winter can be a tricky time for exterior home features, from siding to fencing and beyond. The weight and changing consistency of melting ice and snow can lead to damage of even the strongest materials.

Thankfully, Weston Sawmill has put together an essential list of maintenance tasks to keep your fencing looking great all year round.

6 Essential Fencing Maintenance Tasks

Cut Back Overhanging Limbs – If you have tree limbs which hang over your fence, you will need to trim them back before the snow and ice arrive. The limbs will add a higher volume of water to the fence line which can lead to a thick buildup of ice. The limbs themselves will also get heavier with snow on them, which could mean them breaking off and damaging your fence. If you get ahead of the game and trim them this will not be an issue.

Don’t Let Leaves Pile Up Around your Fence – If you have some leftover leaves from autumn, you could be tempted to brush them up the fence edge. Leaves will sometimes pile up there on their own because of the wind too. If left unattended before winter, they could damage your fence in the colder months. The leaves lock moisture in and around your fence which leads to warping of posts plus they can become a home for unwanted bugs.

Once autumn is over, we would recommend taking care of your leaf piles.

Rake and Shovel Snow Drifts – If a pile of snow begins to form around your fence, use a rake or shovel to move it away from the edge of your property. You will not need to get rid of the snow entirely as it will melt on its own, just keep it away from your fence.

Avoid Attaching Items to Your Fence – Some people will use their fence as part of their wall with ladders, sledges and much more. However, leaving these items during winter means snow and ice will pile on top of them. If it is possible, move those items into your shed or garage until the Spring.

Complete Repairs Quickly – Winter can turn small fence damage into a larger problem. If your fence posts become weakened they will not be able to handle the expansion/contraction that comes with melting snow. Weston Sawmill would recommend taking care of any repairs quickly so your fence is strong and ready for winter.

Clean Fencing When Winter Is Over – Once the snow has gone, your fence could look slightly dull and dirty. Most fences can be cleaned using water and soap but if you would like to get it stained, we recommend talking to a professional first.

Contact Us With Any Questions

If you have any questions about fencing maintenance for winter or any other time of year, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Weston Sawmill now.