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Garden Landscaping with Weston Sawmill

Garden landscaping is an exciting prospect, whether you are looking to make more room for your family, wanting to add some colour or a complete re-design.
Weston Sawmill’s team of landscapers can offer you plenty of ideas and heaps of experience to make sure you get the design you want.

Landscaping ideas come from doing research and taking inspiration from garden centres, public gardens, annual garden shows and even your neighbours gardens!
It’s important to consider the size of your garden and think practically about what you’re going to use the space for.
Here are some essentials to add to your garden landscaping plan:

  • Walls and boundaries
  • Hedges and fencing
  • Paths and patios – there are plenty of colours and designs for paths and patios
  • Lawns – have you considered a striking lawn design?
  • Water features (such as ponds)
  • Zoning areas (dining, shading, playing)
  • Planting – trees, shrubs and pots
  • Lighting – for features such as Pergola’s

Decide Between Formal & Informal Garden Landscaping

Formal gardens are tidy and geometric with plenty of straight lines and clipped hedges, whereas informal gardens are designed around organic curves with much more relaxed planting, displaying an element of freedom.

The trick to whatever design you choose, is to stick to a single, homogenous look.
Renowned Garden Designer Robert Myers says,
“People often over-complicate design by putting too many ideas and patterns into a small space making it look too busy and fussy.”

Garden Landscaping That Fits Your Budget

Once you’ve decided on the look you want for your garden, it’s time to talk to experts from Weston Sawmill who will be able to give you the most beautiful garden according to your budget.

We have been providing the finest garden landscaping services in Shrewsbury since 1993 from our base in Weston-under-Lizard on the A5 near the Shropshire/Staffordshire border.
If you’ve got any questions or you would like to receive a quote for landscaping, please get in touch and we’re sure we’ll be able to help.