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How to Prepare Your Garden for Winter Part 2

Autumn is a great opportunity for gardeners to tidy up your garden ready for the colder temperatures of winter.

This could consist of getting rid of dead vegetation leftover from the summer, tidying up borders or clearing out your gutters. For our latest blog, we are going to share some essential garden maintenance tips for autumn.

Getting Scrubbing Shade Paint

To make sure your greenhouse plants get the maximum amount of light as the nights draw in, we would recommend scrubbing shade paint from the greenhouse windows. By letting more of the sun’s rays through the glass this will mean temperatures climb slightly higher and save you money on heating bills.

This is easy to do, simply use a bucket of hot water and elbow grease to get your glass looking sparkling clean plus this is always a good time to check and replaced damaged panes and clear your greenhouse gutters.

Clear Out Compost Bins

Autumn is the ideal time to clear up borders and vegetable plots to generate material for your compost heap. Now you can clear out last year’s compost to use around the garden, making room for this year’s waste in the process. If your compost isn’t ready yet you can turn it to improve decomposition and then create a new heap next to it for fresh organic matter.

Keep Gardening Equipment Immaculate

Before your lawnmower goes into the shed for the winter, it’s worthwhile sending it for a service make sure it’s in top tip condition ready for next spring. Shears and secateurs will need sharpening, which you can do yourself or send them away to a professional.

Spades, forks and other tools will benefit from a good wash but make sure you dry everything thoroughly and oil metal parts to prevent rust. Wooden handles can be cleaned and protected using linseed oil but make sure you dispose of rags carefully as linseed can combust as it dries.

Great Garden Maintenance with Weston Sawmill

For over 20 years, Weston Sawmill has been the leading provider of made to measure gates, fencing and decking for customers across Shropshire and Staffordshire.
So if you are thinking of giving your garden an autumn makeover then please get in touch with us today.