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Harvest your Apples Ready for Halloween!

The month of October is the perfect time to harvest your home-grown fruit and get those apples ready for Halloween!

Bobbing for apples was an age-old tradition on Halloween for many years, with the origins believed to have come from the Roman invasion of Britain where the armies brought over this activity from ancient Celtic festivals.
Bobbing for apples is less popular now, with baking toffee apples and giving them out for eager trick or treaters on 31st October considered a more modern and fun practice.

Here we are going to share some handy tips about storing your fruit to make sure they’re all treat and no trick.

The Right Time to Store Your Fruit

Weston Sawmill’s range of raised flower beds are a great place to grow your own fruit and when your fruit is ripe for the picking it’s important to know how long you can store them before eating.

Mid-season apples – Can be stored for between four and eight weeks
Late season apples – This type of apple won’t be ready until they’ve been stored for four to five weeks but they can last for several months
Pears – Depending on the storage conditions, pears can be stored between two weeks and three months
Quince – These should be used within the first month after being picked
Your pears don’t need to feel left out of the spooky festivities either, as you can always use them to bake a pear and toffee pudding if you’re having a Halloween party.

Grow Frighteningly Good Fruit in Your Garden

Creating a fruit garden is a fun activity for budding gardeners and will give you your own source of fruit between spring and autumn. By planting your fruit trees in raised flower beds you will protect them from any unwanted attention plus the heightened surface ensures they will get more sunlight.
Also having higher fences (such as our close boarded panel fencing) will stop outside wildlife getting into your garden and disrupting your fruit’s growth.

Want to Know More? Get in Touch!

If you have any questions about starting your own fruit garden, get in touch with Weston Sawmill today and we can provide all the answers.
Oh and Happy Halloween from Weston Sawmill!