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Revamping Small Spaces Outdoors with Weston Sawmill

Here at Weston Sawmill, we know all about transforming gardens and other outdoor spaces, so if you are struggling for inspiration we have got you covered.

For this blog, we will share some tips from our team of experts to help you create the garden of your dreams.

Creating Boundaries with Quality Fencing

High-quality fencing provides the ‘walls’ to our gardens, but they can also have multiple functions. While the ultimate goal is to define the space, they also help screen out noise, frame views and provide a surface over which plants can clamber.

Create a Plan

Gardens can fulfil a number of functions and working out the main purpose of your garden will ensure a successful design. For example, do you want to grow your own veg or do you want a lazy space that is surrounded by scented flowers? Honing your wish list is the key to adapting the space to match your lifestyle.

Look to the past for inspiration

Space can be at a premium in smaller gardens so it is best to treat your garden as another room in your house. No matter the size, a small pocket of land can be transformed into an outdoor paradise. Greening up your garden area offers a balm to the senses, a private place to sit, play, garden and enjoy the sunshine plus you can help mitigate pollution and reduce climate change.

Be flexible with your ideas

If you spot a garden idea at a show and wanted to replicate it in your outdoor space, always be flexible with your design concept. A lot will depend on your willingness to take the plunge and if you are able to source the correct materials. When looking at different types of fencing and decking, Weston Sawmill will be able to help.

For a full-scale revamp, it could be worth planning in stages over a number of seasons.

Get in touch with Weston Sawmill

If you have questions about revamping your garden ready for summer, please do not hesitate to contact Weston Sawmill today.