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It’s Not All Square At Weston Sawmill

We know that when many people think of a sawmill, they usually consider straight cuts of wood, fencing and decking. But here at Weston Sawmill not all of our stock is purely straight lines, we also offer a range of round and half-round lengths too. So how can you add a bit of shape into your garden?

Garden Borders

When it comes to our garden borders, we take pride in the flowers, plants and shrubs that we can grow and display. The only issue is when you have children or pets that regularly use your lawn and end up in your borders! Using half-round timber you can create the perfect little border fence to mark the edge of your lawn. Not only does this work as a practical barrier to stop paws and little legs, but also acts as the perfect frame for your lawn. You can either stack the lengths on their side to offer a long straight, or cut the lengths into shorter lengths to create a short fence.

Horse Jumps

When it comes to building your own horse jumps, or indeed getting someone in to build them for you, you want to ensure that the materials you use are safe for your horses and are hardy if they take a kick or two.
Our round timber will have no straight or potentially harmful edges that can harm your horse should they kick the pole. The structure also means that it can withstand not only those almighty kicks but will not split or splinter if they bounce to the ground a fair few times. Why not start designing your new jumps ready to calculate how many lengths you will need.

Log Cabins

Here’s something for those avid DIYers to get their hands on. Whether you have a big enough garden, an allotment, or even do it on a smaller scale for the kids, why not use our round or half-round timber to create your very own log cabin.
The mixture of styles, thicknesses and lengths that we have available, not to mention those with a point ready to be forced into the ground make this a great choice of material for your cabin. Get the tools out, take some measurements, draw up designs and get to it!
Building a log cabin for the kids will not only give them a great garden escape that you have built just for them, but when they outgrow it, you’ve got some great garden storage!

This stunning shaped timber can be used in a wide variety of ways around your home and garden. So why not think about all the possibilities then come and visit us to choose the perfect timber for your new project.

For more information on any of the products that we have available, please get in touch with us today and we will be happy to assist you. You can also head over to our blogs for more information and ideas.