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Christmas decorations inspirations for 2021

You may have noticed recently looking around some shops that Christmas decorations have started to infiltrate the shelves – but what style of festive display are you going for this year?

For this blog, Weston Sawmill will talk you through some of the must-have ideas for 2021.

The variety of choices for Christmas decorations

Multicoloured novelty baubles

If you are looking for a modern look that is packed with personality, combining a bold, vibrant palette with a host of quirky details we have some ideas for you.
After purchasing your traditional tree, add brightly coloured striped, glitter and star-shaped ornaments. Top off the tree with a neon star for a look that the whole family will love.

Silver and white decorations

There are plenty of ways to put together a sparkly tree, including vintage-look silver baubles in a number of shapes and finishes with sparkling stars, resin reindeer with a snow globe bauble taking pride of place with a light-up star finishing off your magical tree.

Classic red and gold

Give a timeless red festive theme a touch of luxe with a generous sprinkling of gold. Start this off with shatterproof baubles in jewel-like red tones and add nostalgic red Nutcracker figures, traditional Father Christmas ornaments, opulent red birds, golden bell wreaths and future heirloom gold and red floral ornaments. Tie this look together with a studded red velvet bow topper for an unexpected twist.

Luxe silver decorations

A snow-dusted tree is an ideal backdrop for white, silver and clear baubles and Narnia-esque snowflakes, hanging icicles and silver stags. Personalise your tree with applique letters for each family member and finish with a contemporary light-up star and a faux-fur tree skirt.

Glam gold tree decorations

If you can’t turn up the glam at Christmas, when can you? You can create a gorgeous golden theme by combining metallic antique-style baubles with fabulous cocktail-shaped ornaments and festive wording in gold script. Add personality using quirky nature-inspired decorations in a similar palette, such as sparkling hedgehogs, glimmering acorns, cloche-covered mushrooms and bee applique decorations.

Modern red and white theme

Deck your tree with novelty decorations in a classic red and white palette. From felt robins and candy canes to a mitten and bobble hat set, you can add some humour to your traditional theme. Mix in a selection of classic red decorations and top your tree with a jolly Santa to keep the overall theme festive.

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Don’t forget we also stock our own range of decorations that can help your tree look spectacular this festive season.

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Reasons why you should invest in a real Christmas tree

The festive season is just a few months away, and maybe it’s time you invest in a real Christmas tree.

Before you start worrying about hoovering up pine needles every day, remember we have Nordmann Fir that keeps their needles.

If you are still not convinced, read our latest blog below.

5 Reasons to choose a real Christmas tree

Good for the environment

Real Christmas trees are planted especially in our nursery to be sold for the festive season, meaning every tree planted simply sustains the real Christmas tree market.

The higher the demand the more trees are planted, with the Carbon Trust estimating that real trees are up to 10 times better for the environment than their artificial counterparts. In terms of environmental impact, it would take ten years of re-using a fake tree to break even for what you’d spend on a real tree.

Because trees produce more oxygen, tree plantations and farms will help to improve the atmosphere.

Do it for the kids!

Every family has a designated tree decorator, either mum or dad, depending on the household. As for the kids, they could be itching at the chance to help, even if it is changed back afterwards.

Let’s face it, the tree will be ignored again until the presents start gathering underneath it.

This changes when you invest in a real tree, as you can make it part of your annual tradition to decide what tree type will match your fairy lights.
Children will often pay more attention to a tree they have helped choose rather than one getting pulled out of your attic or storage space.

Being eco-friendly

Most faux trees are made of plastic which means that when they get too tired and old to be propped up in someone’s living room they will be discarded and make their way to landfill. Remember fake trees can’t be recycled.

A real tree means that if it is discarded and thrown away, it is biodegradable and does zero net damage to the environment. You also have the option to compost your tree once you are finished with it.

Even if your tree ends up in green waste bins, it will more than likely end up as compost anyway.

The other option is to purchase one of our potted trees that keeps on growing year after year. You may need to cut it down to size eventually, but other than this it is low maintenance and saves more trees being chopped down every year.

Get the true smell of Christmas

Unlike faux trees, real Christmas trees give off a wonderful, subtle fresh pine needle smell, which can never truly be replicated.

Your nose will remind you of this fresh scent every day. If you have never really invested in a real tree before, you are truly missing out on one of the joys of the festive season.

Free up storage space

Some of us are lucky to have plenty of storage space at our disposal, but others haven’t and will struggle to find space to store last year’s tree.

Even trees that can be dismantled into smaller parts can still take up a lot of storage room. If you live in a city or a property with limited storage space, purchasing a real tree is the best idea.

Even potted trees don’t take up too much space and can be kept on balconies or in your back garden until next year.

Get in touch with any questions

If you have any questions about Weston Sawmill’s range of Christmas trees, please do not hesitate to contact us now.

We offer Spruce, Nordmann Fir and potted Nordmann and Norway Spruce trees at our nursery based in Weston-under-Lizard, Shropshire.

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When is it acceptable to put up your Christmas tree?

Last year was extremely tough on everyone, with lockdowns and the pandemic to deal with – and many people decided to stretch the Christmas period out over a longer period of time. There were some cases, such as radio DJ Greg James who kept his Christmas tree up until March of this year!

Hopefully, this year will be completely different and we can all have a great festive season.

For this blog, Weston Sawmill will give you suggestions to mull over before spying the mulled wine in the supermarket.

Straight after Halloween?

For some people, Christmas decorations go up as soon as the 1st of November.
Data from some of the UK’s biggest retailers has revealed this in 2020, with a record number of customers seemingly decorating earlier than ever.

The stats also revealed that 40% of customers plan to decorate areas around the house they haven’t previously, such as hallways, stairs and outdoors.

The Tesco Christmas Report 2020 also revealed 2.4 million people stating they will decorate their home before December starts.

It depends if you buy a real Christmas tree

If you are buying a real Christmas tree this year (such as ones supplied by Weston Sawmill), you should consider putting it up around the start of December. A real Christmas tree will survive around four weeks, but if properly cared for it could last longer.

1st December

The start of December is always a popular choice for the start of the Christmas period, with many decking the halls as soon as 1st December. According to data from Tesco, 25% of people will have their trees up by this time.


Advent is the period before Christmas that celebrates the birth of Jesus and is very important in the Christian calendar. Tradition often dictates that Christmas trees are put up at the start of Advent which begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas.

12 Days Before
For some they choose to put their decorations up 12 days before Christmas, meaning you will be turning your home into a winter wonderland from 13th December.

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