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When is it acceptable to put up your Christmas tree?

Last year was extremely tough on everyone, with lockdowns and the pandemic to deal with – and many people decided to stretch the Christmas period out over a longer period of time. There were some cases, such as radio DJ Greg James who kept his Christmas tree up until March of this year!

Hopefully, this year will be completely different and we can all have a great festive season.

For this blog, Weston Sawmill will give you suggestions to mull over before spying the mulled wine in the supermarket.

Straight after Halloween?

For some people, Christmas decorations go up as soon as the 1st of November.
Data from some of the UK’s biggest retailers has revealed this in 2020, with a record number of customers seemingly decorating earlier than ever.

The stats also revealed that 40% of customers plan to decorate areas around the house they haven’t previously, such as hallways, stairs and outdoors.

The Tesco Christmas Report 2020 also revealed 2.4 million people stating they will decorate their home before December starts.

It depends if you buy a real Christmas tree

If you are buying a real Christmas tree this year (such as ones supplied by Weston Sawmill), you should consider putting it up around the start of December. A real Christmas tree will survive around four weeks, but if properly cared for it could last longer.

1st December

The start of December is always a popular choice for the start of the Christmas period, with many decking the halls as soon as 1st December. According to data from Tesco, 25% of people will have their trees up by this time.


Advent is the period before Christmas that celebrates the birth of Jesus and is very important in the Christian calendar. Tradition often dictates that Christmas trees are put up at the start of Advent which begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas.

12 Days Before
For some they choose to put their decorations up 12 days before Christmas, meaning you will be turning your home into a winter wonderland from 13th December.

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