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The most innovative ways to modernise your garden

If you are in need of some inspiration to modernise your garden, Weston Sawmill is here to help.

Whether it is painting an old fence, getting clever with your plants or repurposing older items, you can change your outdoor space, even if you are on a budget.

For this blog, we will give you plenty of ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

6 ways to revamp your outdoor space

  1. Grow from seed – One of the cheapest ways to get a thriving garden is to sow seeds. This could flower seeds or vegetable seeds, just remember to check the seed packet size, as some contain far more seed than you will be able to sow in a single year in an average garden.
  2. Shape Up – An easy and cost-effective way to transform your garden is by cutting your lawn into a clearly defined shape; such as a circle, a square or an oblong. Mark it out using a string and spade to cut away the excess grass. This task should only take an afternoon to complete.
  3. A fresh coat of paint – You will be surprised by how much a lick of paint can transform a tired, old fence. Providing a striking backdrop for greenery and jewel-coloured plants will give visitors a whole new interpretation of your outdoor space.
  4. Create a cosy outdoors – With people looking to make the most of their land and potentially extend their homes, and consider their gardens as a ‘room’. If you have already invested in high-quality decking from Weston Sawmill, you could also consider an outdoor rug and accessorise with some garden lanterns and outdoor cushions.
  5. Gravel leads the way – A gravel garden path is a great idea that can be completed on a budget. A path paved with gravel and concrete slabs will add some magic to your garden and be the perfect go-between your home and a shed or outdoor play area.
  6. Repurpose your shed – During the pandemic many people have been repurposing their current garden apparatus, with some people creating bespoke garden bars from their sheds!
    Your shed can house garden furniture in the winter and then be the perfect destination for a cocktail hour during the summer.

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