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Decking Ideas For the Summertime

Are you thinking of adding some decking to your garden? Summer is finally here and the sun is shining and there is no better time to transform your garden into an outdoor paradise.

If you need some inspiration Weston Sawmill have got you covered with this post giving you all the information you need.

Taking your decking to the next level

You can lay decks at different heights and levels, depending on the shape and surface of your garden.

A raised deck is the best option for sloped or uneven gardens to create a flat surface for a dining table or a seating area. If you build a tall enough frame, you can even use the space underneath your decks for additional garden storage.

A ground-level deck keeps your surface flat in the garden and is more straightforward to install than raised decks.

Choosing the best shape for your garden

You need to be open-minded when it comes to the shape of your decking and design it to best fit the space you have available. Rectangular or square-shaped decks are traditional and create clean, angular lines in your garden whereas straight-edged decks are easier to construct than one with a curved edge.

Decks with a curved edge help to create a softer finish to your garden plus it looks great with bark, gravel or grass against the curved edge.

Bring colour to your garden

Our timber deck boards can be painted or stained with decking paint, which is available from most DIY retailers. For a contemporary and stylish finish go for a black and grey or merge navy and white for a nautical design.

For a two-tone look, you could paint the deck boards different colours to the railings or balustrades around it. Complementary colours such as greys and whites are a great choice or you could mix it up with a bold colour contrasting with natural wood.

Get in touch with any questions

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