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Recycling Your Christmas Tree

Best Ways to Dispose of your Christmas Tree this January

The scenes in most British gardens this January will be one of frost covered grass, footpaths, decking and unfortunately; lonely Christmas tree’s inconveniently occupying the large section of irrelevant space. 

If you have finally managed to hoover up the remaining leaves your seasonal tree had recently flaked all over the living carpet, you now might be asking yourself, what is the best way to dispose of this once so festive tree? Luckily, we at Weston Sawmill have got you covered. From the many different ways you can recycle your Christmas tree, all the way to the different advice various local council’s offer on Christmas tree disposals. 

General UK Recycling Tips 

In the UK, we have a wide range of options available to us when it comes to recycling. Let’s quickly go over the 3 main approaches you can take to recycle your old Christmas tree: 

  • Replant it. A good way to give your tree a new lease of life is to repot. You can do this either in your garden or by simply giving it to your local garden centre for them to repot instead. 
  • Take your Christmas tree to a recycling centre. Here they can repurpose many elements of your tree including making needles from the mulch and re-using the wood for decking, cupboards or any other wood-related products. 
  • Speak to your local council for any special recycling tips. This one is as simple as that.  

Disposing of your Christmas Tree in Staffordshire & Shropshire 

Whilst other areas may vary, disposing of a Christmas tree in Shropshire and Staffordshire is relatively straight forward. 

Steve Mitchell, Veolia Director for the West Midlands, has previously advised that Shropshire residents can simply dispose of their Christmas tree by putting it in their garden recycling bin during the early weeks of January. Steve went on to add that if the tree is over 5ft, you just need to cut the tree into smaller sections to enable it to fit into your recycling bin. 

Recycling your Christmas tree in Staffordshire is a little different but just as easy. Real Christmas trees can be taken to a variety of locations to be recycled including Fletcher’s Garden Centre in Eccleshall, The Green Recycling Centre in Barlaston and Household Waste Recycling Centres at sites in Stafford and Stone. Be sure to check the advice for your local area as the easiest way to recycle your Christmas tree in Wolverhampton might be slightly different to disposing of it in Stoke-on-Trent. 

Donate Your Christmas Tree for Good Cause

Alternatively, you can donate your tree to the Katharine House Hospice. They have already collected over 61,000 trees and raised well over £900,000. I  think most people can agree this is rather impressive. So if you are still feeling in the Christmas spirit and would like to donate your old tree, be sure to look at their website for more details.

What Now? 

Now the clutter of Christmas, including the aforementioned Christmas tree, is out of the way, you might be looking to renovate your garden this coming year. If you are looking for landscaping, concrete products and decking in the Midlands be sure to contact us.