The Advantages of Redwood Fencing:

Scots Pine, Swedish Redwood, Pinus Sylevstris Рcall it what you will, this tree is one of the best things to happen to the fencing industry.

Fencing, Decking, Tables, and Chairs – Empowered by Redwood Flair:

I work with Swedish Redwood every day. It’s the most common wood that we work with here at Weston Sawmill – and with good reason – it’s a brilliant crafting material.

All of our wood gates, fencing, decking, tables, chairs, posts, and the rest – they’re all made from our Swedish Redwood. All of our redwood is specially pressure treated to ensure strength, durability, and quality. For our most hardy products, our wood is then treated with a water repellent solution to help stave off the elements.

But why do we use Swedish Redwood over other woods? Simply put, it’s just that it’s flexible enough to be ideal in all elements of woodworking and joinery. The sapwood is narrow and has a creamy white to yellow colour, the heartwood can vary from a pale to deep red-brown. The timber itself is very easy to work with. It’s capable of a smooth, clean finish that can be glued, polished, and completed with a variety of finishes. It’s these properties that make Swedish Redwood an ideal choice for all of our fencing, decking, and other woodworking items.

This all builds up to the best reason for you to invest in Redwood garden furnishings – they’re durable, weather and disease resistant, and come in a varied enough range that you can easily get whatever product you need from them. This is especially true at Weston Sawmill, as we specialise in producing made to measure wooden furnishings for both domestic and agricultural applications.

You can check out the full range of our products, including a whole host of Redwood items, at our website. Weston Sawmill caters to Shropshire, Staffordshire, Wolverhampton, and the surrounding West Midlands areas. If you have any questions or  queries, leave a comment below Рor get in touch via our website.

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