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Winter Fence in Shropshire

Winter Proofing Your Fencing in Shropshire

Fencing in the winter months can produce many challenges. Up and down the country, fencing Shropshire and Staffordshire is covered in frost or sometimes even snow. 

Whilst we have been blessed with uncharacteristically good weather for this time of year, the cold months still present many different challenges, especially when it comes to how best to reserve and protect your fencing. 

At Weston Sawmill, we care about all of your fencing needs. So let’s take a look at some of the most helpful tips and tricks to winter proof your fencing in Staffordshire and Shropshire this winter. 


On average, the UK in January sees almost 18 days a month worth of rainfall whilst February and March are almost, if not just as, damp. In Staffordshire, the average temperature for January through to March is only 5 degrees celsius. There is also upwards of a 20% increased chance of snowfall during the aforementioned months. 

From this you might understand that it is of paramount importance to ensure your fence is protected against wet weather. 

One of the most effective ways to do this is to apply a silicone or acrylic sealant to your fence. Not only does this protective sealant act as a barrier protecting your fence from water and cold weather, it also protects against UV Rays and other extreme weather conditions too. 


As previously touched upon, the colder winter months in the UK can see snow. As any UK citizen would tell you when the snow starts to fall, it can be quite problematic. 

Whilst you might be worried about getting sufficient shopping in, you might want to consider when potential damage the snow might cause to your fence. 

Snow will eventually melt and when it does this, it will leave your fence incredibly cold and damp. If left untreated, this can lead to your fence leaning, this where the previously mentioned treatment comes in. 

Perform Necessary Checks

It is essential to perform checks when the weather is still good to ensure your fence is in the best condition possible to tackle harsh weather that might come it’s way. These checks can include: 

  • Checking the posts to ensure they are sturdy 
  • Removing any debris or any loose hanging branches
  • A general physical wellbeing check

These are just some of the necessary checks you can perform to ensure your fence will be in the best shape possible this winter. 

Contact Us

If you have any other questions regarding protecting your fencing this coming winter, be sure to contact us

Additionally, be sure to check out our website for more information regarding fencing and decking in Staffordshire, Cheshire and Shropshire. 

Trellis Fencing

Create Garden Zones with Trellis Fencing

Trellis Fencing is an easy way to create zones within your garden. You can turn an ordinary plot into a series of defined areas with a little creative thinking. Here at Weston Sawmills, we have a varied selection of trellis fencing so that you can create a garden perfect for entertaining, relaxing, and enjoying the summer.
The great feature of trellis fencing is that it can perform several functions. It is decorative, and can create an elegant screen. Being able to see through the patterned panels draws your eye to the garden and view beyond. This enables a more sympathetic division without the obstruction of a solid boundary.
Long and narrow gardens can benefit from having this kind of dividing screen. Stopping the outdoor space from looking like a runway with nothing between the house and the end of the garden. This is a landscaping technique used by many garden designers.
We have many options for fencing in Staffordshire, and the team at Weston Sawmills will be happy to advise you on the style and type of wooden fencing to achieve your vision.

Climbing Plants Love Trellis Fencing

Trellis fencing, like all hard landscaping can be softened by your choice of planting. Climbing plants love trellis. They can add a layer of texture and colour to the geometric pattern of the fencing construction. Popular climbers include roses, wisteria, honeysuckle, ivy, and clematis. Important factors to consider are the aspect; is your trellis positioned in a sunny or shaded area? Some climbing plants are self clinging while others need to be tied for support. Useful advice for climbers is available from the RHS.

Trellis Fencing from Weston Sawmills

Weston Sawmills has many types of panel fencing which you can choose from. The diagonal shapes of the Jagram English trellis make a stylish choice. The Jagram Elegance trellis is a tighter cross hatch of horizontal and vertical slats. This is perfect for more privacy. Both are available in flat, convex, or concave tops.


Weston Sawmills are highly experienced in all aspects of domestic fencing providing high quality fencing in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, and Shropshire. For more information, please get in touch.

Fencing in Shropshire

Fencing in Shropshire Products and Services

Fencing in Shropshire is a speciality of Weston Sawmills. Supplying fencing products across this beautiful and rural county for several decades. We have everything you need to secure your boundary and make your garden look great. Keeping dogs, horses, and farm animals secure while allowing them an area to roam or graze is an important part of fencing in Shropshire. In domestic situations providing a safe space for children and pets to play is an essential part of any garden.

We Build Fencing in Shropshire

All the component parts suitable for fencing in Shropshire are available to buy. Many kinds of panel fencing will make your garden look fantastic. We don’t just sell wooden fencing materials we have a range of concrete products for fencing. There is also a range of round and half round timber rails suitable for fencing paddocks and fields. When you need nails, screws, and fence paint to keep your fences in top condition, we have that too!
Apart from stocking a comprehensive range of materials and products for fencing in Shropshire. Did you know that we also carry out a variety of landscaping services? This includes the installation of fences and gates for your home, stables, or small holding.

Get a Quote for Fencing in Shropshire

We have a wide choice of domestic, agricultural, and commercial fencing here at Weston Sawmills and Nurseries. Our friendly team are here to guide you with expert advice on all aspects of fencing in Shropshire. Whether you are looking to carry out the job yourself as a weekend DIY project or you are looking for a landscaping team to come and install the fencing for you. We are here to help, so please contact us today for a quote. Alternatively, you can call us on 01952 850 383.

Fencing in Shropshire

For All Types of Fencing in Shropshire

Weston Sawmills supply all types of fencing in Shropshire. Whether you require a new fence for a suburban home with a modest garden, or you have a major rural project in need of a lot of posts and rails, you’ve come to the right place.

Specialists in Fencing in Shropshire

We have a broad range of materials available to construct fencing in Shropshire. It’s important to find the right type for what you want to achieve.
Domestic fencing must serve several purposes by being functional and decorative. It could be defining a property boundary and making your home and garden secure with panel fencing. But fences for this setting also needs to look good so that you can create the right look and space for your garden. There are also decorative styles like trellis, perfect for growing climbing plants, and a traditional picket fencing.
Hard wearing agricultural fencing is all about the practical. Keeping animals secure is often the main priority. Our round and half round timber is perfect for this purpose. Pressure treated wood will withstand the rigours of the British climate and is great for many agricultural and commercial environments.
To compliment your new fencing in Shropshire we also make excellent quality made to measure gates.

Choose Weston Sawmills for Fencing in Shropshire

We are experts in fencing who have supplied products and materials across Shropshire for many decades. If installing and repairing fences is not a job you wish to undertake yourself, take advantage of our landscaping services. Our team can come to your site, whether it is a domestic garden or something larger like an equestrian centre, small holding, or farm. Using our quality fencing products, we can complete the project for you.
Contact us to get a quote for your fencing project or for further details about any of our fencing materials and related products such as raised flower beds.

Landscaping by Weston Sawmill

Landscaping Products and Services

Here at Weston Sawmill, we can supply you with the materials to undertake a range of landscaping projects. Making changes and improvements to the outside space of your property can have many benefits. Whether you have a small backyard behind a terraced house, a regular sized garden, or you have a large area of fields to secure, we have the experience and products to ensure a great result.

Make Landscaping Improvements with Weston Sawmills

For domestic landscaping, creating the perfect outdoor space for your home can be achieved in a variety of ways.

Replacing worn or damaged fences will give your plot a lift. Apart from defining the boundary to your property fencing will also provide security, keeping children and pets from straying. The right type of fencing will give your home character; see our range of panel fencing to find what’s suitable for your abode.

Decking is a great way of making a communal area. The perfect space for social gatherings and entertaining with barbecues in the summer. Our robust decking will withstand the weather and lots of use. Decorate your decking with containers and items from our gift shop. Of course, sometimes you might just want to relax for a quiet moment by yourself, decking is the perfect way to enjoy your garden. We have a selection of garden furniture and garden structures to help you do just that.

Agricultural landscaping requires heavy duty materials. With our range of sawn timber products including fence posts, full and half round rails, you can construct fencing for your farm or equestrian centre. Apart from all things timber related we also have raised flower beds and stock many miscellaneous items like nails, screws, and barbed wire.

Ask Us About Landscaping Products and Services

Do you need advice on landscaping materials and solutions? We have a team of experts on hand to advise you on the right products for your project. Alternatively, we can supply and install many aspects of landscaping on your property. Contact us today for a quote.

Fencing in Shropshire

Fencing in Shropshire Experts

Weston Sawmill and Nursery have been making fencing in Shropshire since 1993. Cut and built on site there is a wide choice of fencing and fence panels available to buy directly from us.

All Kinds of Fencing in Shropshire Available

We have a big stock of fence panels for garden use. Spring is here and the evenings are much lighter since the clocks were moved forward. Now is a great time to get out into your garden and replace any worn or damaged garden fencing. Get your fencing in Shropshire looking great for the Great British summertime!
We have the right kind of fencing to suit your requirements. Close boarded panels and overlap fencing panels are good for security and privacy. With four types of trellis fencing on sale, finding the type for you to create elegant screening, or a division in your garden space, is easy. Our picket fencing panels come in either rounded top or pointed top if you prefer a traditional country cottage styling.
For a no frills solution to large scale fencing requirements, we have all the elements you need to build field fencing in Shropshire. We have sawn timber of many dimensions, giving you the flexibility to build any type of fencing for farming or equine use.
If you are looking for the rails and posts usually associated with agricultural fencing in Shropshire, we have a massive stock of that too. All pressure treated to withstand everything the British weather can throw at them, we have a selection of round or half round stakes and rails. Make Weston Sawmills your first choice for field fencing.

Buy Fencing in Shropshire from Weston Sawmills

Being experienced in landscaping, we can answer your questions on fencing and all the associated products such as raised flower beds. Contact us today and we will be happy to help you get the fencing you need.

Fencing in Shropshire

Agricultural Fencing in Shropshire

Being one of England’s most rural counties, agricultural fencing in Shropshire is an important part of the landscape. The farming and equine community know the importance of having robust fencing to keep livestock and horses safely where they want them. When you need tough and durable fencing in Shropshire, we have the solution for you.

Pressure Treated Fencing in Shropshire

Untreated timber that is exposed to the elements will, over time, become weaker and rot. Timber treated with coated preservatives will need to be maintained regularly. Which adds an additional cost. The pressure treatment process involves extracting moisture via a vacuum and then forcing preservative deep into the wood. This provides better performance than untreated or surface treated timber.

The pressure treatment makes our products robust and able to withstand the rigours of the British climate. The result of pressure treatment is that your fencing in Shropshire will remain strong and last much longer. This type of product doesn’t require any other kind of treatment making it a cost-effective fencing solution.

Browse our range of pressure treated all purpose stakes and rails. Whether you want machine round timber, full round rails, half round rails, or full or half round stakes; no job is too big or small for us to supply. Find out more about our deliveries of fencing in Shropshire for commercial and farming applications.

Choose Weston Sawmills for Agricultural Fencing in Shropshire

Weston Sawmills is a leading supplier of agricultural fencing in Shropshire. Whatever the configuration of fencing you need, we’ve got it covered. Being situated at Weston-under-Lizard we are ideally located to serve farms and equestrian centres across the county.

If you have any queries about our rails and stakes for agricultural fencing in Shropshire, please contact us. To speak to a member of the team directly, please call 01952 850 383.

Fencing in Shropshire

First Choice for Fencing in Shropshire

Weston Sawmill is first choice for fencing products in Shropshire. Whether you require timber fencing for domestic, agricultural or commercial usage, we have the products for you. There are many types of fencing on the market, so it is important that you find the sort that will work for you practically and also in appearance.

Choose Weston Sawmill for Your Fencing in Shropshire

Panel Fencing
This is the perfect type of fencing for domestic settings. There is a type of panel fencing to suit all uses within your home and garden in Shropshire. Defining the border of your property and making your plot feel secure can all be done by using panel fencing. There are types like overlap panel fencing and close boarded fencing panels that can give you privacy and seclusion.
For a country cottage feel the paling fencing fits in with the extensive countryside of Shropshire. You have a choice of whether this fencing is pointed or rounded.
Rustic panel fencing is the perfect type for separating areas while allowing you to see the garden beyond. A clever use of diagonal lattice work enables you to see from one area to the other.
Define the edges of your lawn or raised beds with log roll fencing. This is a beautiful timber edging which would look great with garden flowers trailing over it.
Fencing Stakes and Rails
Shropshire is famous for its great swathes of agricultural land and beautiful countryside. Fencing stakes and rails can be used to secure fields for farm animals. If you keep horses or have a small holding we supply full rounds and half round stakes and rails so that you can build any combination of fencing in Shropshire. If you need accuracy in the finish of your fences we machine cut and finish for precision and smoothness.

Contact Weston Sawmills for Fencing in Shropshire

We have a renowned pedigree in providing timber fencing in Shropshire. Since 1993, we have been making fencing products onsite at the former Bradford Estate Tree Nursery. If you want to know more about our other products such as raised flower bedscontact us today. We’ll be happy to advise you.

Relax in Comfort This Summer with Fencing in Shropshire

Summer is finally here and that means one thing, it’s time to start relaxing in your garden! If you want to make the most of the sunny days but feel uncomfortable due to having little privacy, Weston Sawmill can help! We specialise in supplying fencing to Shropshire and surrounding areas and with over 20 years’ experience, we have built a reputation on being the number one provider of quality garden fencing in Shropshire, we are also renowned for delivering an excellent standard of customer service. So, no matter how big or small your fencing needs are, you can count on Weston Sawmill to help you relax in comfort in your garden this summer!

fencing in shropshire

The Best Fencing in Shropshire

Fencing from Weston Sawmill is an affordable way to make your property exterior more presentable and stylish, it is also fantastic for increasing the privacy and security of your property. No matter what your style or requirements, we are sure to have something you’ll love as we can provide wooden, metal, and concrete fencing solutions on a made to measure basis. In addition to this, all of our fencing products are produced with artisanal craftsmanship, meaning that you really are getting the best fencing in Shropshire! By using only the best materials, kiln dried Swedish redwood, and pressure treating our products, our garden fencing is also guaranteed strength and durability. For the best fencing in Shropshire, choose Weston Sawmill this summer!

Choose Weston Sawmill for Fencing in Shropshire

At Weston Sawmill, we are fencing specialists and pride ourselves on providing a friendly, high quality service. If you are looking for fencing in Shropshire or surrounding areas, you can see our full range of products here. Alternatively, if you have any questions about things like raised flower beds, you can also contact a member of our friendly team here.

Garden Fencing For Style & Security

There’s no better way to add both style and security to your garden than with our selection of garden fencing. We are the number one supplier of fencing in Shropshire and Staffordshire with a huge range to choose from along with expert advice courtesy of our master craftsmen. All of our fencing is of the highest quality and our wood is sourced sustainably as part of our commitment to protecting the environment. In this blog, we are going to take a closer look at how fencing can completely transform your garden and also to protect your property.

Fencing Shropshire

Choosing Your Fencing

The first thing to consider is planning permission, as some areas have limits on the height of fencing allowed, so be sure to check with your local council first. Once that’s sorted you can concentrate on picking the style you want. Closeboard fencing is one of the most popular choices for being strong and versatile supported by horizontal rails between either timber or concrete posts. It’s also difficult for intruders to climb, so acts as a handy deterrent.

Another popular choice is the stylish picket fencing, which is made from pressure treated timber and looks fantastic in traditional cottage gardens. It doesn’t add as much privacy or security as closeboard fencing but it’s brilliant to create borders around trees or flowers. We also supply lattice and trellis fencing which can be attached to the top of your existing fencing or by itself.

Get The Best Fencing in Shropshire & Staffordshire Today!

Whatever your fencing needs, you’re sure to find it here at Weston Sawmill. You are more than welcome to visit us in Weston-under-Lizard (based on the Shropshire/Staffordshire border) or view our range of fencing online.

However, if there is anything else you wish to know about fencing at Weston Sawmill, please contact us directly for more information.