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Keeping Cats Away From Christmas Trees

It’s one of those age-old questions; what do cats find so alluring about Christmas trees? As one of the leading suppliers of Christmas trees across Shropshire and Staffordshire, we will attempt to answer this question in our latest post.

The presence of a Christmas tree can sometimes awaken the cat’s five senses and fuel their natural instincts, such as –

Curiosity – How does this new tree smell, taste and feel?
Hunting – The desire to climb, scratch and ultimately hunt
Secluded Views – The preference for high and secluded views
New Toys? – All of those bright, sparkly, crinkly and irresistible ornaments may look like toys to feline eyes
A New Play Area – Is this indoor tree a ready-made activity centre? Cats can be very lazy in winter meaning they are less inclined to go outside for entertainment and exercise

5 Ways to Distract Your Cat from Christmas Trees

While there is no quick fix to prevent your cat from being intrigued by your Christmas tree, we have put together these handy tips which can help –

  1. Pick the Right Tree – Real and artificial trees both have their advantages and disadvantages, but choosing an artificial tree is less risky when it comes to cats. If you prefer a real Christmas tree, precautions will need to be taken. Weston Sawmill would recommend covering the container holding the water for the tree and keep plenty of water bowls around so your cat has somewhere else to quench its thirst.
  2. Ensure Your Tree is Secure – Make sure you use an appropriate tree base for the size of the tree and that all fittings are tight and sturdy and add extra weight to the base (if required). For increased security, position the tree in a corner and use string or fishing line to tether it to the ceiling, walls or windows. Also, do not leave your Christmas lights on when your tree and cat are left alone.
  3. Decorate Wisely – Position your tree away from your cat’s resting and play areas plus any surfaces your cat could use to get onto the top of the tree and attack ornaments. Avoid using fragile ornaments, or if you do, place them at the top half of the tree. Rather than loosely hanging ornaments or using a dangling string that could entice your cat, try using twisty ties to firmly attach each item. Put any tinsel out of reach and try not to use foil angel hair decorations as they can often fall on the floor and be problematic if swallowed.
  4. Use Cat-Safe Deterrents – Never punish your cat for playing with the tree by shouting or using a water pistol. Your cat is naturally curious and playful, so reprimanding them will only make them wary of you and not the tree. Alternatively, try some positive reinforcement and reward your cat when they are not in the tree. Give no attention to bad behaviour, as this is still attention. At the same time, use cat-safe deterrents such as citrus scents along the bottom branches of your tree. Cats do not like citrus smells and will not want to interact with that part of the tree. Other alternatives include seasonal clementine or orange peels or coat pine cones in citrus scent or citronella and use them as decorations. You could also spray a bitter apple pet deterrent product on the lower branches.
  5. Supply Plenty of Cat-Friendly Distractions – By enriching your cat’s environment you will be distracting them from your Christmas tree. Provide loads of interesting things elsewhere such as toys, scratching pads and make time to interact and play with them. Offer treats praise and make a fuss of them when they play with things other than your tree.

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