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How to Dog-Proof Christmas Trees

Nothing is cuter than your dog posing in front of beautifully decorated Christmas trees for a seasonal snap – but remember they are not always a good mix.

Weston Sawmill is the leading provider of Christmas trees across Shropshire and Staffordshire with our years of experience vital when protecting your tree against pets.

Decorated trees using breakable ornaments and electric lights can be dangerous for dogs as they can be quite curious about the new tree in your home.

8 Steps to Protect Your Dog Around Your Tree

Don’t worry dog owners can still have Christmas trees, you just need to take some precautions. Read our 8 handy tips below on how to keep your dog safe around your Christmas tree –

  1. Go Artificial – If a Christmas tree falls over on TV it is very funny but it is no laughing matter when it’s in your living room. One alternative is choosing a traditional artificial tree, with a quality stand to secure its base. Prevent injuries to curious pets by placing your tree in a corner and anchor it securely to the wall or ceiling. You can also create an ‘alarm’ to alert you if your tree is in danger. Simply place aluminium foil or a can filled with beans on the tree’s bottom limbs and if your dog starts nosing around the tree you will hear it in time to stop any accidents.
  2. Begin With a Bare Tree – Before you decorate your Christmas tree, leave it up for a few days. This may help your dog get used to having a tree in the house, so they could be more likely to leave it alone when it is covered in lights and baubles.
  3. Beware Electrical Cords – Bright and shiny lights are hard to resist, but they can be dangerous to your dog. They could get tangled in the wires or could be at risk of electrical shock if they are a chewer. If you put your Christmas lights on the tree, leave the bottom branches bare. You need to secure cords leading to and from the tree plus you can hide cords with the tree skirt or decorative package. Use adhesive-backed cord clips to keep them off the floor and out of reach.
  4. Put Fragile Ornaments Higher Up the Tree – Your dogs tail (especially if they are a bigger dog) can be lethal to Christmas decorations. Broken decorations could be a choking hazard or lead to paw or mouth injuries. Also, keep your family heirlooms safe, and put fragile ornaments higher up your tree. Depending on how rambunctious your dog is, you may consider leaving the bottom third of the tree bare.
  5. No Food on the Tree – Chocolate ornaments and candy canes make beautiful decorations but they are a no-go for dogs. Chocolate is one of the most dangerous foods for dogs, so make sure it is kept out of their reach at all times.
  6. Keep Toxic Plants Out of Reach – Holly, mistletoe and poinsettias are potentially toxic for dogs. If you decorate your Christmas tree with any of them; keep them out of the reach of your pets. Alternatively, look for artificial versions which are much safe for your dog. Pine needles are not particularly toxic but they are small and sharp, leading to injuries to your dog’s mouth and intestines. If you decide to have a real Christmas tree, make sure you hoover up fallen needles every day.
  7. Keep Candles off the Tree – Candlelight is great around Christmas time but open flames and dogs do not mix. Flickering candlelight, if you are decorating with candles place them on secure shelves away from your dog. The flickering effect can be achieved on Christmas trees using clip-on LED candles.
  8. Save Presents for Christmas Morning – Sometimes dogs are more curious about what’s under the tree than the tree itself. Keep your Christmas gifts safe and protect your dog from ingesting something that may not agree with them, by saving presents for Christmas morning completely safe from dog slobber.

Christmas Trees Available from Weston Sawmill

Weston Sawmill offers Nordmann Fir, Potted Nordmann, Potted Norway Spruce, Spruce and traditional Christmas trees from our nursery.

Contact us today to reserve your tree ready for the most wonderful time of the year.