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Everything You Need to Know About Garden Swing Seats

Garden swing seats from Weston Sawmill are ideal for relaxing outdoors with their hanging structures designed to swing gently back and forth.

We will tell you everything you need to know about choosing the best garden swing seat for this blog.

First Considerations for Garden Swing Seats

It is important to choose a garden swing seat that matches the style of your garden or decking area. Seats are traditionally rectangular, while it is possible to find some swing seats with rounded edges for a softer and slightly different look. Wooden models tie in perfectly with a rustic theme but make sure the material is looked after.

The amount of outdoor space will dictate the size of your swing. Two or three-seater swing seats are quite common but it is also possible to find single swing chairs.

If you want to stretch out, some swings come with four seats just be sure to check the maximum load supported by the swing.

Generally speaking, the comfort of your swing seat depends on how cushioned it is, so pay attention to the seat padding at the quality of the fabric.

Wooden Swings Explained

Wooden swings provide a warm and natural look that will complement your garden. If you choose wood, it’s important to know the different resistances to moisture, insects and fungi.

You will also need to keep on top of treating your wood and use the correct product for the timber, whether this is wax, oil, varnish or wood brightener.

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