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Telltale signs you need new fencing

Wooden fences, when cared for properly can last up to 20 years but there is a time when you will need to replace them. This is where Weston Sawmill comes in handy.

We have been providing customers right across Shropshire with high-quality fencing, including premier overlap panel and sturdy close board panel fences.

5 reasons you to replace your fencing

Most fences will likely last around 10 years, but how do you know when it is time for something new? Here are five tell-tale signs you need to replace your fence instead of repairing it again –

Rotting – While one rotten board is one thing, generalised rotting in your fence means it is time to replace it. In wooden fences, the rot will happen in areas where the fence is closest to the ground. This is where the boards experience the most sustained moisture which accelerates rot. Rot can be prevented with regular maintenance and by applying a preservative. Nature will eventually take its course and rotting will begin in fence posts and boards.

Leaning – Wind, rain and shifting ground can cause your fence to lean off to one side because the general structure is losing strength. Slight leaning in only one section can be repaired by replacing or adjusting a few fence posts. Please note, that generalised leaning across the fence is a sign of irreparable damage.

Splits and Missing Boards – One split or missing board can be easily replaced. Lots of split and missing boards mean it is time to start over. Not only will this ruin your aesthetic appeal but it will also result in structural problems.

Loose and Missing Fasteners – Screws and nails could become loose or even fall out of your fencing over time. These can be replaced, although over time the wood may not be able to withstand a new screw or nail. If your fence has started to be wobbly due to loose and missing fasteners, it is useless to try and replace them all.

Repairs become too costly – When repairs start to become costly it is time to invest in a new fence.

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