Fencing in Staffordshire

Fencing in Staffordshire in Time for Spring

Fencing in Staffordshire by Weston Sawmill and Nursery has a fantastic visual appeal, along with adding privacy to your garden or outdoor space. Spring is getting close! So now is the perfect time to replace your dated fence panels with our beautifully hand-crafted fencing that is guaranteed to be the perfect addition around your garden.

Our range of products is extensive and unique; therefore, our team of well-trained craftsmen work close with you to provide a bespoke solution that fulfils and exceed your requirements!
We’ll make sure to create a safe space for your family and pets to play and relax in, giving you peace of mind that they won’t wander too far… For our full range of fencing in Staffordshire, see here.

Hand Crafted Fencing in Staffordshire

Fencing in Staffordshire needs to be equally strong as it is aesthetically pleasing! After the rough weather we have seen at the start of March, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about new fencing. You can rest assured knowing that our fencing has been designed from 20 years’ worth of woodworking experience, using the finest materials. We promise our fencing will last for many years no matter what the weather!

Swedish Redwood is used in all our crafted fencing. This strong and stunning wood is dried in a kiln to ensure a more durable product. To make our fencing even more impressive, we will add water repellent at the end of the process to provide you with the perfect fence that will stand the test of time whilst reaming a great look throughout.

Fencing in Staffordshire – Get in Touch Right Away

As mentioned above, our fencing in Staffordshire is designed around you and our designers produce fencing that you’ll love! To get the motions turning or to make an enquiry, get in touch with us today.