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Gardening Trends You Need to Know for 2020

As we enter 2020, gardening takes on a more important role in creating a healthy and happy place to live all year round.
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In our latest blog, we are going to share three gardening tips that are set to grip homeowners this year.

Houseplants are Getting Bigger

Houseplants are set to be even bigger this year, with plants such as Alocasia (renowned for its giant leaves) and Monstera (loved by gardeners for its deep green, patterned foliage) becoming extremely popular. Having said this, buying smaller plants and growing them will still remain a popular pastime for many gardening enthusiasts.

Sustainable Soil

Gardeners all over the country are expected to swap soil for more sustainable growing options in 2020, such as green waste compost and wood fibre – putting the environment first. Experts are also predicting that many gardeners will adopt a ‘no-dig’ approach, to limit damage to soil structures and help wildlife to thrive.

New research has revealed the benefits of soil bacteria Mycobacterium vaccea on the immune system, ushering in the return of mud pies which could tempt younger people into their gardens.

Bringing Back the ’80s

Some of the most well-known plants of the 1980’s, such as Nemesia and Diascias are also predicted to make a comeback this year. Both species are known for their long flowering period and sweet-scented petals making them a beautiful addition to any garden.

New breeding programmes have resulted in a wide range of spectacular colours such as dark and mysterious Nemesia ‘berries and cream’ and the more delicate ‘Wisley vanilla’, which only add to their renewed appeal.

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