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Get Involved with Gardenwatch with Weston Sawmill

Here at Weston Sawmill, we understand the importance of maintaining your garden and ensuring they are welcoming for future wildlife reserves.
BBC’s Springwatch recently launched the Gardenwatch campaign which focused on four different areas that will help build a brighter future for wildlife.
The campaign has been supported by an incredible 150,000 gardening enthusiasts so far and here we are going to look at ways you can get involved.

Four Ways to Support Gardenwatch

Go Beyond the Backdoor
The first thing to do is determine what is currently going on in your garden by taking a closer look at planting areas and how your fencing, decking and pathways are affected by wildlife.

Lawn Inspection
Your second task is to check what’s lurking under your lawn as all of your creepy crawlies are a vital part of the diet of birds and mammals. This will also help to identify any unwelcome visitors who may be disturbing or destroying plant life.

Bird Watch
Now it’s time to find out if the birds in your garden are there to feed, sing or just catching some sun?
Adding accessories such as bird tables, houses and baths will give them a dedicated space in your garden to feed and maybe be less disruptive to the bugs living in your plants and grass.
Weston Sawmill has a dedicated bird care section where you can get all of these items plus all the bird food they could wish for.

Spot Furry Friends
This can be a tricky task as a lot of animals who visit your garden are elusive and nocturnal, but why not try taking a look at your garden just before sunrise and you could catch mammals such as bats, foxes and hedgehogs?
If you’re not an early riser you can always look at the sort of footprints being left and the tell-tale signs of certain animals. Similar to looking for bugs, this gives you an idea of animals that could be disrupting your garden and how you can deter them from returning in the future.

Transform Your Garden with Weston Sawmill

Weston Sawmill is the leading providers of high-quality fencing and decking for customers in Staffordshire and Shropshire.
As previously mentioned, we also host a wide range of bird care products which you can browse at our store based in Weston-under-Lizard.
If you’d be interested in any of our products or need some advice about transforming the look of your garden, please get in touch today.
You can also get involved with Springwatch’s Gardenwatch using the hashtag #gardenwatch for posts.