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Discover your Garden’s Micro-Climate with Weston Sawmill

Different regions of the country have different overall climates, with some gardens having an alternative climate to their locality.
These minor variations are known as micro-climates, and here Weston Sawmill is going to look at how yours will affect your garden.

The Right Time to Check Your Micro-Climate

Although it’s recommended to check the micro-climate of your garden when taking over a garden, new or old, there’s never a bad time to start assessing your outdoor space.

Here are some of the areas you will need to consider during this check –

Topography – The higher your garden is above sea level, then the cooler it will be and more exposed.
Frost Pockets – On colder nights cold air forms on cooling objects such as trees, sinks to the ground, and flows downhill to collect at low points known as frost pockets.
Gardens in a frost pocket are at risk of late and early frosts with flowering plants and fruit trees not benefiting from being situated in frost pockets.
Aspect – South facing gardens will get more natural light and warmth than north-facing areas. If you have fencing this will trap and reflect the warmth in south facing areas whereas northern facing gardens can favour plants such as fuchsias and hellebores.

Your Garden’s Micro-Climate Assessment

The first thing you will need to do to check your garden’s micro-climate is look at the surrounding buildings, topography and trees and see how your garden is affected by winds (if at all).
Look to see if your trees lack top branches or they bent away from the direction of western or southern winds and if the garden is low-lying check for watercourses and ponds.
Now you will need to survey existing buildings, hedges, trees and walls to find sheltered warm spots, exposed windy corners plus corridors and dank, sunless areas.
Finally consider shaded areas, which may be easier to identify using a mobile phone camera than simply looking yourself, as the camera’s lens can identify low light levels easier.

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