Raised Garden Beds in Shropshire

Got a Raised Garden Bed in Shropshire?

Do you have a raised garden bed in Shropshire or a surrounding area?

It is without a doubt one of the quintessential sights of any British garden; a beautifully painted raised garden bed proudly sporting a small selection of flowers.

With summer just around the corner; you will want to make sure your garden beds are in prime condition.

Fortunately, at Weston Sawmill we would like to share some informative tips and tricks you can use to showcase your soon to be perfectly maintained raised garden beds. 

The Cleaning Procedure 

When is comes to maintenance on your raised garden beds in Shropshire, the first item on the agenda will be to ensure that beds are properly cleaned before you even consider planting your flowers and soil. 

Some experts would recommend using a solution mix of water and bleach, however, most household cleaning products work perfectly fine. Now your bed is clean, you are ready to move to the next step.

Think of the Soil 

Soil is one of the most important components of your bed. Because of this, you should pay particular attention to soil you wish to populate your soon to be garden bed masterpiece. 

It is recommended that you use a midweight soil that holds moisture, is a chock full of organic matter and has plenty of air pockets. 

Add a Layer of Mulch 

You will want to keep your soil moist. An effective and proven method to do this is by adding a 2-3 inch layer of mulch around your plants. By doing this, you are likely to need to less water and there will be less of a need to pull out weeds. 

Ensure Your Plants are Fed

When you are hungry you are not yourself. The same is to be said of plants. Without frequently watering your plants, they are unable to grow and subsequently they could ruin your garden bed.

You will want to pay particular attention to overfeeding your plants however. This can drastically weaken your plants and in some cases it can prevent growth. 

Beware of Pests

Daily checks to your beds are of paramount importance. Not least because your raised garden bed is the perfect hunting ground for potential pests. 

If pests get into your beds, they can spread diseases and undo all of your hard work. We would recommend a sufficient pest control routine. 

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We hope this has been informative and you are well on your way to priming your raised flower beds in Staffordshire and surrounding areas.

If you have any questions; please let us know and why don’t you check out of extensive range of raised garden bed in Shropshire.