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raised garden beds

The Best Plants and Displays for Raised Garden Beds

Bedding plants will give you a decorative summer display for raised garden beds, borders, containers and hanging baskets.

Bedding can be grown from seed, purchased as -plug plants or purchased as pot-grown specimens (often in multi-packs and cellular trays) that are ready for planting.

For our latest blog, Weston Sawmill is going to recommend suitable plants for bedding.

6 Plants Ideal for Bedding

If you are looking for easy growing flowers and foliage, we would recommend one of these six bedding plants –

  1. Frost-tender half-hardy annuals – This can include cosmos, nemesia, marigolds and tobacco plants which complete their life-cycle during one season. If they are grown from seed they are typically sown indoors.
  2. Hardy annuals – Hardy annuals can be sown outdoors directly into the soil during the Spring where they are to flower. The beauty of this type of plants is that they can withstand frosty conditions without protection.
  3. Hardy biennials – These can be short-lived perennials that complete their life-cycle across two seasons. Plants such as Alcea, Dianthus, Erysimum, Myosotis and Ornamental brassicas fall into this category.
  4. Half-hardy perennials – This type of planting will live for several years, typically flowering from their second season. Examples include Bellis, begonia, Pelargonium and lobelia. You can also grow Bellis, busy Lizzies and Viola as annuals or biennials.
  5. Half-hardy or tender sub-tropical plants – Banana plants, cannas and palms can form the focal point of a bedding scheme with succulents useful for creating patterns.
  6. Hardy perennials or shrubs – Add valuable flower and foliage colour throughout the winter with Erica, winter-flowering heather, euphorbia and heuchera. For beds and containers can have agave, dwarf conifers, cordylines, Phormium and ornamental grasses to enhance its appeal.

Bulks can also be mixed with biennal bedding plants and give you a bright combination of colours. We would recommend planting allium, Anemone Blanda, crocus, hyacinth, early-flowering Iris reticulata and tulips.

For Raised Garden Beds Talk to Weston Sawmill

If you are considering investing in raised garden beds to enhance your garden over the summer, get in touch with Weston Sawmill.

Weston Sawmill - 2020 inspiration

Have a Garden Revamp in 2020 with Weston Sawmill

One of the most worthwhile New Year resolutions you can make is to transform your garden into the ultimate outdoor living space.

Here at Weston Sawmill, we have got all the components to help you every step of the way, no matter what style of garden you want to have.

7 Must-Have Items for Your New-Look Garden

As garden experts, our team has devised a comprehensive list of seven items you will need for your garden in 2020.

Decking – If you are craving an outdoor space where you can enjoy daytime and early evening drinks in the summer; decking is the smart and classy choice.

Outdoor Dining Benches – Keeping with the timber theme, outdoor dining benches can go anywhere in your garden and can be used by the entire family.

Raised Garden Beds – Do you want to start growing your own fruit and vegetables in 2020? Installing raised garden beds is the best and safest method; especially if you have any mobility issues.

Swing Seats – Swing seats are great for those glorious summer nights where you can gently rock back forth and watch the world go by.

Pergola – Installing a pergola into your garden is a real statement which will impress guests and neighbours alike.

Log Roll Fencing – Log roll fencing is the best way to finish off borders in your garden with a touch of class.

Panel Fencing – Weston Sawmill stock a wide range of panel fencing which can suit any style of garden you desire. We also offer a made-to-measure service to ensure your new fencing fits with your home and garden.

Need More Inspiration? Get in Touch Now

If you need more ideas of how you can give your outdoor living space a facelift, please contact us today and we can answer all of your questions.

Alternatively, come and pay us a visit in Weston-under-Lizard on the Shropshire/Staffordshire border and see our products first-hand and get your creative juices flowing.

raised garden beds

Plan Your Crop Rotations with Raised Garden Beds

January is the perfect time to plan your crop rotations for the year ahead using raised garden beds from Weston Sawmill.

Raised garden beds manufactured from the finest timber will guarantee they last all year round plus they are ideal for anyone with mobility issues or struggles to bend down.
If you have never considered having raised garden beds, here are some ideas of what you can start growing –

• Soft fruits such as blackberries and strawberries
• Root vegetables such as carrots, parsnips and radishes
• Leafy greens like spinach, kale and lettuce
• Onions, potatoes and tomatoes

We would recommend planning your crop rotations for any of these fruits or vegetables before the growing season begins so you know where to plant each crop.

What are the Benefits of Crop Rotations?

Our team of experts understand the benefits of crop rotations in your garden, here are three main ones –

Soil Fertility – Different crops have different nutrient requirements. By changing crops annually you will reduce the chances of particular soil deficiencies developing as the balance of nutrients that are removed from the soil will even out over time.
Weed Control – Crops like potatoes and squashes with dense foliage or large leaves suppress weeds which reduces maintenance and weed problems in the next batch of crops.
Pest and Disease Control – Soil pests and diseases tend to attack specific plant families repeatedly. By rotating these crops between sites and pests will decline in the period when their host plants are absent which helps to reduce the build-up of damaging populations such as spores, eggs and pests. Common diseases this helps to avoid by rotation include clubroot in brassicas and onion white rot.

Want to Know More? Get in Touch

If you would like to find out more about Weston Sawmill’s range of raised garden beds, please contact us today.