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The Best Plants and Displays for Raised Garden Beds

Bedding plants will give you a decorative summer display for raised garden beds, borders, containers and hanging baskets.

Bedding can be grown from seed, purchased as -plug plants or purchased as pot-grown specimens (often in multi-packs and cellular trays) that are ready for planting.

For our latest blog, Weston Sawmill is going to recommend suitable plants for bedding.

6 Plants Ideal for Bedding

If you are looking for easy growing flowers and foliage, we would recommend one of these six bedding plants –

  1. Frost-tender half-hardy annuals – This can include cosmos, nemesia, marigolds and tobacco plants which complete their life-cycle during one season. If they are grown from seed they are typically sown indoors.
  2. Hardy annuals – Hardy annuals can be sown outdoors directly into the soil during the Spring where they are to flower. The beauty of this type of plants is that they can withstand frosty conditions without protection.
  3. Hardy biennials – These can be short-lived perennials that complete their life-cycle across two seasons. Plants such as Alcea, Dianthus, Erysimum, Myosotis and Ornamental brassicas fall into this category.
  4. Half-hardy perennials – This type of planting will live for several years, typically flowering from their second season. Examples include Bellis, begonia, Pelargonium and lobelia. You can also grow Bellis, busy Lizzies and Viola as annuals or biennials.
  5. Half-hardy or tender sub-tropical plants – Banana plants, cannas and palms can form the focal point of a bedding scheme with succulents useful for creating patterns.
  6. Hardy perennials or shrubs – Add valuable flower and foliage colour throughout the winter with Erica, winter-flowering heather, euphorbia and heuchera. For beds and containers can have agave, dwarf conifers, cordylines, Phormium and ornamental grasses to enhance its appeal.

Bulks can also be mixed with biennal bedding plants and give you a bright combination of colours. We would recommend planting allium, Anemone Blanda, crocus, hyacinth, early-flowering Iris reticulata and tulips.

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