Decking in Shropshire

Maintaining your decking in Shropshire this Winter

It’s fair to say you will use your decking in Shropshire a lot less during the colder winter months.

During this time of inactivity it’s vital to provide regular maintenance to stop it going into a state of disrepair and looking old and tired.

With the summer heatwave now a distant memory many families are using indoor rooms to spend time together, but preserving the pride in your property also means not forgetting about your decking.

Here are some of the most common decking issues –
• Loss of natural colour, with decking boards turning grey or silver over time
• Build up of moss, mildew or mould that makes wood slippery
• Decking that is cracking, peeling and flaking off

Before you even consider any maintenance it’s important to first look at the positioning of the decking.

For example a south facing decking will face the full brunt of the summer sun, which in turn could cause fading in colour.
Whereas decking that is partially shaded by parts of your plants and flowers may be subject to mould and algae due to damp conditions and falling leaves.

Best tools for your decking in Shropshire

There are five main types of treatment which can help keep your decking looking top class:
• Decking oils
• Decking paints
• Decking cleaners and restorers
• Decking preservers

Speak to the decking in Shropshire experts

For 25 years Weston Sawmill has been at the heart of the community of Shropshire making sure you get top quality timber products at competitive prices.

Our decking ranges from 3m to 4.8m and if you’re looking to add a touch of class to your home, we will be happy to advise on the best sizes for you.
Contact us today and speak to one of our friendly and approachable team about your next project and see how we can make it even better.

Fencing in Staffordshire

Why fencing in Staffordshire makes good neighbours

Fencing in Staffordshire is not about creating obstacles between neighbours but rather maintaining personal space for families.

We’re seeing a trend of smaller blocks and larger houses being built, making space in suburbia becoming tighter and tighter.

Recently it was announced that 55 detached and semi detached houses in the Staffordshire Moorlands will be built adjacent to the former Travellers Rest pub in Leekbrook.

Time to start putting fencing in Staffordshire into your housing plan

It’s widely considered that developers and architects designing homes often focus so much on the interior of a home, such as the kitchen and the bathroom with the garden and fencing coming a distance second.

As Poet Robert Frost said in his work Meddling Wall in 1914,
“Good fences make good neighbours.”

Although this quote is over 100 years old, it still rings very true today.

Believe it or not a top quality fence also won’t cost you the earth.

Our Rounding Top Panels start from just £18.00, with each panel built to last during any season as well as being safe around pets and young children.

First impressions of fencing in Staffordshire still count

When your new neighbours first come to visit your home to introduce themselves one of the first things they will see will be your fencing.

So, making sure this fits with the quality of your home is important because let’s face it – first impressions still count.

We’re the fencing in Staffordshire specialists

Since 1993 Weston Sawmill has been a family run business and has built a reputation for delivering top quality fencing in Staffordshire. So why not contact us and talk to our friendly team about how we can help you improve your home and garden today?

We’re open 8am until 5pm Monday to Friday as well as 9am until 1pm on Saturdays.

Fencing in Wolverhampton

Your First Choice for Fencing in Wolverhampton

Does your home need something new to bring it to life again? Here at Weston Sawmill, we have been supplying premium fencing in Wolverhampton for over three decades, and with so many benefits that you can get from these fabulous additions, spending just a small amount of money can make your home extra cosy and practical during the winter months…

With so many styles, sizes, and designs to choose from, our dedicated team are experts at choosing the right one for you! By visiting our nursery in Shropshire you can let your imagination run wild discuss your potential budget.

Leading Experts for Fencing in Wolverhampton

Our aim is to make all fencing in Wolverhampton durable, safe, stylish, and amazing quality. Due to our talented craftsmen and reputation for having the best fencing options, we make all fencing components from leading technology wood such as Swedish Redwood. This impressive material has the ability to withstand all weather conditions without cracking or swelling, and we will treat it with a solution to help protect from insect damage. This means that your fencing will look great for many years with little maintenance needed – saving you time and money in the long run!

The whole purpose of having fencing for your home, is to create a barrier around your property that acts a way of security and protection. By choosing us for your fencing in Wolverhampton, you’ll be able to keep your personal life private and free from intruders.

Other amazing benefits you can experience from our fencing is a new stylish look that can be decorated however you wish! Many of clients paint theirs or decorate them with climbing flowers – this is an opportunity for you to get creative with you exterior!

Contact Us About Fencing in Wolverhampton

Even though we are the top choice for fencing in Wolverhampton, we can also accommodate for areas such as Shropshire and Staffordshire.

To know more information about our nursery and products, feel free to contact us today!

Decking in Shropshire

Durable Decking in Shropshire Suitable for The Cooler Weather

During this time of year, there are many reasons why you might be looking for decking in Shropshire. Whether you are hoping to replace an un-used grass area with new flooring, or if you simply want to replace your old ones with something that’s strong and sturdy – you’ll find just what you’re looking for at Weston Sawmill & Nursery!

Since we are a family ran business and with over three decades of experience in decking, fencing, landscaping, and much more, our nursery is home to the best exterior options, designed with quality and style in mind.

The Most Outstanding Decking in Shropshire

Along with the Swedish Redwood providing our decking in Shropshire with impressive strength to withstand Autumn and Winter weather conditions, our timber decking is a great way to create the garden you’ve always wanted with texture and dimension.

You may be wondering what makes our decking in Shropshire so strong? It’s all down to the Swedish Redwood having strong cell bonds and we’ll even pressure treat it to reduce swelling, cracking, and rooting… With just a simply change of adding decking to your garden, it’s a cost-effective way to make your exterior stunning!

If you have certain project to achieve such as adding a pergola, dining area, or even a children’s play area, decking will create the perfect secure timber deck.

To make our services even more impressive, our team work extremely hard to give you something personal based on your budget. We’ll design your decking in a way that’s most suitable to your lifestyle!

Start the Process of Your Decking in Shropshire Today

Ready to get designing your new decking in Shropshire? All you need to do is contact us and we can arrange a measuring service at your home. If you already know what your measurements are, take a look at our decking options on our website or pop into our nursery – feel free to ask for directions!

We can supply to surrounding areas such as Staffordshire and Wolverhampton.

Raised garden beds in Wolverhampton

Prepare Your Garden for The Winter with Our Raised Garden Beds in Wolverhampton

Are you a lover of growing fresh produce and flowers? Maybe you want to keep your garden maintained during the last half of the year? Whatever you’re thinking of doing with your garden this winter, don’t let the weather ruin your plans and ensure the best growing results with our raised garden beds in Wolverhampton!

Here at Weston Sawmill & Nursery, we have been supplying the finest products for exteriors since 1993 and understand that gardens are not just to be enjoyed in summer… By working together with us to help keep your outside looking lovely, our raised garden beds are guaranteed to be just what you need to add dimension, style, and shapes.

Achieve Breath-taking Designs with Our Raised Garden Beds in Wolverhampton

When looking for raised garden beds in Wolverhampton, you may be wondering which ones are durable and how can they be used appropriately to suit your exterior… Just a short distance away in Shropshire, you will find Weston Sawmill where you will get an outstanding professional service and guidance from our team to help match your budget.

To make sure our raised garden beds stand out from the rest, we use the strongest wood materials to ensure they last for many years without splitting, cracking, or swelling.

Perfect for achieving better drainage during growing, and ideal for protecting your produce from pests, our supply of raised garden beds in Wolverhampton are a cost effective way to manage your garden whilst adding a modern twist on your design… Get creative with your style and add a whole different dimension to your garden!

Dream Up an Amazing Garden with Our Raised Garden Beds in Wolverhampton

To make sure you are completely happy with our services, our supply of raised garden beds in Wolverhampton can be made bespoke to suit the measurements of your garden – allowing you to create a sleek and contemporary look.

Get the process started today by contact us with your enquires or visit our nursery for inspiration.

Fencing in Staffordshire

Wooden Domestic & Industrial Fencing in Staffordshire

For any domestic or industrial purposes, making sure your fencing in Staffordshire is durable and made to the highest quality is what we do best here at Weston Sawmill & Nursery

Known for our vast range of exterior services and with a family team who are experts in the fencing industry, we have become one of the top garden nurseries in the area because every customer gets something that’s unique.

By working with you to understand your budget and requirements, we can give you something that fits in perfectly with your exterior design based around your budget!

Taking Fencing in Staffordshire To the Next Level

Since we have a diverse range of fencing in Staffordshire such as picket, panels, trellis, and cladding – we are guaranteed to have something you’ll love whether you have a modern or traditional home.

When decided on your fencing, you may have certain questions such as ‘will my new fencing need little maintenance?’ ‘Is it durable?’ ‘Can it be bespoke made and be great value for money?’

If you have asked yourself any of these then the answer is yes at Weston Sawmill!
Let’s start with the maintenance and durability… To make sure that all our fencing in Staffordshire lasts through these harsh weather conditions and remains looking new, we use the finest quality wood available for the joinery industry – Swedish redwood! This wood is totally impressive with its rotting resistant properties and is proven by experts to last up to 80% longer than other wood.

To make this wood even more impressive, the structure of the cells can be easily bent and moved into intricate designs of your choice if you require something bespoke! All you will need to do with your fencing then is choice a finishing coat and you’re property instantly has more privacy, value, style, and texture.

Arrange Your Fencing in Staffordshire This Summer

We understand that during this time of year, you want to spend more time outdoors with family and friends… What better way to protect them and keep your home-life private than with our fencing in Staffordshire?

If you would like to contact us to arrange a free measuring service, feel free to do so whenever you wish!

Decking in Staffordshire

Take Your Exterior to The Next Level with Our Decking in Staffordshire

Unsure on how to improve your garden this summer? Try our decking in Staffordshire!

Designed with the finest quality Swedish Redwood for durability and with so many finishes to choose from, our decking can help you achieve the garden you’ve always wanted with an area that’s perfect for relaxing, socialising, or hosting.

With over twenty years’ experience in the decking industry and home to a talented team, here at West Sawmill Nursery, we know what it takes to create the most beautiful exteriors using unique elements.

Why Choose Us for Decking in Staffordshire?

Whenever we carry our any woodwork projects, we use precise measuring and design methods to achieve the most bespoke decking in Staffordshire… With a range of sizes to choose from such as 3m, 3.6m, 4.2m, and 4.8m, no area is to big or small for us – we can create a decked area that suitable to your lifestyle and budget.

One thing that makes our decking special compared to the rest is the material that we use… Swedish Redwood! Known for its authentic beauty and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, this wood is perfect for our decking in Staffordshire services and will look great for many years.

Along with these fabulous features, the wood comes in a beautiful natural tone, so it can be finished in whatever colour you require… Not to mention the unbelievable
prices! If you’re unsure about where to begin with the design process, do not worry, our experts will help you to decided what sizes and colour is going to be best for you.

Get the Process of Your Decking in Staffordshire Started!

Wondering where to start with your decking in Staffordshire? Get the process started today by contacting us and we can arrange measuring service at your home. From this measuring service, we will give you a design plan, quote, and install your decking in a quick and easy process.

Click here to view all decking options…

Fencing in Staffordshire

Luxury Fencing in Staffordshire at Affordable Prices

With summer officially here, and the hot weather making us retreat to the garden, it’s time to re-design your exterior the summer with our fantastic supply of fencing in Staffordshire!

Specialising in a range of garden services and owned by a family who are devoted in creating the most beautiful gardens in the UK, here at Weston Sawmill, we are highly knowledgeable when it comes to fencing solutions… We can tailor a design that best suits your home, budget, and style.

Fencing in Staffordshire Made with The Finest Quality Materials

Of course, when shopping for fencing in Staffordshire, you main goals will be to improve the visual aspect of your exterior, along with extras benefits such as security and safety – we can guarantee our fencing will give you all this and more, and with our expert design team helping you with any design advice, you can feel at ease knowing you’re getting the absolute best for your garden.

What makes our fencing in Staffordshire so special, is that they are extremely durable to withstand the weather conditions and are incredibly versatile to be moulded into any shape you require! Allowing you to have a completely bespoke solution for your home.

Along with these fantastic benefits, once they are installed you can get creative with them! Fencing styles like panel, picket, and trellis are the ideal stability for climbing walls or to line flower beds – just like that you can add a touch of summer style, whilst adding value to your property.

The Process of Choosing Your Fencing in Staffordshire

Before we can even design and install your fencing in Staffordshire, first it is important for us to come to your home for a free measuring service, where we will discuss potential ideas for your new look.

From there, we will then design a visual plan for you to imagine, and once you are completely happy with your design, we can get to work!

If you would like to know more information about our nursery of for general enquiries, please feel free to contact us today.


Improve Your Outdoor Living This Summer with Decking in Shropshire

Wondering where to host your summer gatherings or BBQs this summer? It starts with our fantastic decking in Shropshire! With many years of supplying decking since 1993, we have one of the best teams who make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for – there are so many benefits that are decking can provide for you, and that’s what makes them so great.

With a helping hand from us, we can add value to your property, maintain it, and make your outdoor living more comfortable.

Get Creative with Our Decking in Shropshire

If you are looking to add something new to your garden this summer or if you simply want to spend more time outdoors, our decking in Shropshire will allow you to get creative with the design and achieve a quirky outdoor sitting area! These types of decking areas are perfect for socialising, and they can be decorated with stunning garden furniture, flower beds, or anything that you fancy – the possibilities are endless!

To make sure our decking in Shropshire is completely tailored to your property, we will come to your home and take a look at your available space, then designs a plan that we know you’ll love based on your budget. Our decking can be finished in any colour, coating, or shine that you want, so you can really go to town and transform your outdoor living area if you wish.

Take a look at the images below for inspiration what our decking can do for your garden:

Decking in ShropshireDecking in Shropshire

Made to Measure Decking in Shropshire

Once we have came up with a design for your garden and you’re completely happy with the style, all our decking in Shropshire is made to measure for a precise application.

Our decking is guaranteed to give you a wow factor before and after installation, so contact us today and we can get the process started… You may even want to consider our fencing to go with it!

Fencing in Wolverhampton

The Many Styles of Fencing in Wolverhampton

Wondering how to improve your exterior this summer while the sun is still shining? Our supply of fencing in Wolverhampton could be just want you need to make your garden feel safer, comfortable, and have more privacy.

As well of these fantastic benefits, designing your new fencing can be a fun and enjoyable process that the whole family can get involved in, and since we are as family ran business ourselves, we love to see our products and services make an impact in day-to-day lives… Who’d have though fencing could be so beneficial!

The Creative Process of Fencing in Wolverhampton

Since summer is fully upon, what a great time to get creative with your exterior and spend some quality time outdoors. Our fencing in Wolverhampton can allow you to add some new style to your home, and since the Swedish Redwood we use is the most durability and adaptable wood on the market, we can create any bespoke design for you!

We currently have three popular styles that can be customised and will suit any home. These styles are fence panels, picket fence panels, trellis, and cladding.

If you want something that is a complete barrier from the outside world and the ultimate security, fence panels are your best option! Designed by our expert artisans and tailored to your specific measurements – these panels will look dynamic, create an ever-lasting impression, and can be finished however you wish!

For something that’s a little more decorative yet still provides a level of protection, picket fences and trellis are fantastic if you love spending time in your garden. Many of our customer decorate these with climbing flowers or paint them quirky colours to really make they gardens stand out – you can have so much fun with our fencing and help to create a garden you’ve always dreamt off!

Delivering & Installing Fencing in Wolverhampton Since 1993

Here at Weston Sawmill, we are passionate about making sure you are completely happy with our services, and whether you need help in the design process or with installation, we are here every step of the way… To view more information about delivering fencing in Wolverhampton, click here.

If you have any more information you would like to know, feel free to contact us today!