The Best Spring Flowers

The 5 Best Garden Plants for Spring

In preparation for spring we looked at why you should have raised garden beds in Shropshire. Now that spring has officially arrived, we thought it an opportune time to look at some of the best plants you can put in the aforementioned raised flower bed. 

So if you happen to have a raised flower bed in Shropshire, or anywhere else for that matter, let’s look at some of the best plants you can put in them during the glorious spring time. 

Snowdrops (Galanthus Nivalis)

Although these plants can regularly be seen poking out of the snow during the months of January or February; many people herald the appearance of snowdrops as being the sign of the arrival of spring time. 

The small white bulbs hanging down from the plant are undoubtedly pretty and instantly recognisable. They are diverse and expansive. When a batch of these spring plants grow together, they create an iconic ‘white blanket’ which, as anyone who is luckily enough to have witnessed one, is really a sight to behold. 


From one iconic spring flower to another, tulips are arguably the most colourful of all the spring flowers; making them an ideal addition as the temperatures start to rise. There are a multitude of options available for tulips as they literally come in all shapes and sizes. 

Another way that tulips have a clear leg up on a lot of their metaphorical competitors is the fact that they are very easy to grow. Virtually all that is required is for you to plant the bulbs in the fall and they will simply blossom in the spring.  


Potentially one of the most welcoming signs of spring, daffodil’s have frequently been associated with clear blue skies and an overabundance of sunlight. 

In the UK, the daffodil is sometimes referred to as lent lilies. This is due to the fact that these much beloved spring flower blossoms between Ash Wednesday and Easter. 

Shasta Daisies

This type of daisy returns every year like clockwork. Usually returning in early spring and blossoming until fall; the Shasta Daisy is one of the most well known and popular spring flowers. Sometimes described as the classical daisy due its yellow centre and beautiful white petals; you can not do wrong with this spring flower. 

Primrose Flowers

The Primrose flowers are quite famous for being two things: one a well known sign of early spring; secondly a perfect flower to populate your well kept garden bed. 

In addition to their popular use in raised garden beds; they are also used in a lot of gardeners’ borders and these flowers are so picturesque and thoroughly welcoming. 

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