Weston Sawmill Pergulos

Why Have A Pergola In 2022?

At Weston Sawmill, we pride ourselves on being a quality surveyor of decking in Staffordshire and Shropshire amongst many other things. However, one product we do not highlight nearly as much as perhaps should is our fantastic range of pergola. 

We are beyond excited to announce that we will be having some exciting new additions in this range. While we already stock more traditional designs, we have many exciting new additions. Because of this exciting announcement, we thought it an opportune time to highlight why you should invest in one of these wooden marvels to populate your decking or patio. 

Pergola Offer Shade On Sunny Days

With temperatures set to rise in the coming weeks and months, the risk of the dreaded sunburn also increases. Luckily, Pergolas offer just enough shade to ensure you can enjoy drinks in your garden during the sunnier days of the year without fear of getting too hot or, even worse, burnt. 

Getting Your Privacy Back

While on the topic of enjoying drinks in your garden; it pretty much goes without saying you will want to have privacy while doing so. Pergola’s offer a fantastic option when it comes to privacy. A Pergola expertly and effectively shelters you from being exposed to unwanted onlookers. Privacy in your garden is of paramount importance and the faithful pergola can very much help in this regard.

Adding Value To Your Home  

According to most industry experts, you can add up to 20% of your overall home value through just attractive landscaping on its own. Adding a Pergola to your home is one such quick and easy way to do this. 

It Will Help To Define Your Garden

By installing a pergola, it will define the space in your garden more. Having a pergola will help you clearly identify an entertainment and/or dining area from each other as well as offering exceptional opportunities to have more flowers in your garden. 

They Are Easy To Put Up

Unlike other garden structures, installing a pergola is actually very easy and quick. As long as you have the correct tools; you will be able to install this family friendly structure in no time. 

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Why don’t you get in contact with us regarding our quality Pergolas today? And as usual, remember to keep up to date with our blog for more exciting news from your trusted high quality decking supplier from Shropshire and Staffordshire.