Reasons To Spend More Time

5 Reasons to Spend More Time in Your Garden

Statistically speaking, us Britons spend more time in our garden than other nationalities; however, it can be argued that more of us should spend more time in our home greenery. 

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, there was a resurgence in homeowners vacating to their gardens as watering and caring for your flowers and plants became a popular pastime. However, since various restrictions have been lifted, the refound enthusiasm for gardening has seemed to have weavered a little. 

In this blog, we seek to establish why you should spend more time in your garden. 

Improvement In General Wellbeing

Many studies have come to the conclusion that spending more time in your garden can help improve your overall wellbeing. 

Researchers have cited many factors for this being the case. Some of which include a better psychological state of mind and better physical health and wellbeing. When you are in the garden; you might be required to perform potentially exertive tasks such as shovelling and this will drastically help improve your physical wellbeing as it provides some much needed exercise.

Giving Back To The Environment

With a general push to be more environmentally aware, spending more time in the garden is a great way to give something back to the environment. It is pretty much assumed that most of the time in your garden will be spent planting and caring for plants and flowers and just generally taking care of the greenery. 

A Sense Of Accomplishment 

It is undeniable that some of the more rewarding experiences you can have are when maintaining and improving your garden. When we are more productive, we have a greater sense of accomplishment. 

When it is applying your attention to detail skills by repainting your timber fence or hosing down your timber decking, there is also something to do in your garden to keep your busy, happy and allowing you to achieve that sense of accomplishment. 

Improving the Aesthetic Of Your Home

Most, if not all, homeowners want their homes to be pleasing to the eye. Making your home more aesthetically pleasing can sometimes be a challenging and arduous task. But one simple way to do so is by making improvements to your garden. 

You can colour coordinate your plants and flowers, deep cleaning your decking to provide it with a nice shine or providing your shed with a fresh coat of paint.

Getting Physical 

As previously mentioned, performing more physical activity has numerous health benefits. One being the fact that when you get more exercise, you will be in better physical shape. Another is the impact getting more physical can have on your mental health. Many studies have shown that when we are more active, it improves our physical and mental well being. 

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