National Children's Gardening Week

Children’s Gardening Week Weston Sawmill

From 28th May to the 5th June 2022, the UK will celebrate national children’s gardening week. The national gardening week celebrates and encourages young people’s involvement in the fabulous world of gardening. 

Somewhat ironically, national children’s garden week is celebrated the last week of May as usually; this is a warm and dry week. This enables youngsters to plant flowers without the risk or worry of bad weather destroying them. Whilst this time of year has been unusually wet and cold, it is still a fantastic time to get outside and do some gardening. 

To celebrate this unique and special week, we thought why not detail the positives of getting your children into your garden. Whether they are helping you put up fencing in Staffordshire or washing down the decking in Wolverhampton, now is the time for your children to get involved in gardening. 

Helping To Keep Them Fit

You might have attempted and failed to get your little ones into performing fun activities to help keep them fit. However, you may not have tried to get them into gardening. 

Gardening is a fantastically easy way to help get your children fit and active. Activities such as planting, which can involve heavy shovelling, or painting can be very physical and as a direct result of this; this can help to keep your children be proactive and fit. 

Becoming More Environmentally Aware 

As previously alluded to, when children garden they will perform certain activities which can include planting and potting flowers. One big positive of this is; it highlights the importance of being more environmentally aware. 

Because they care for and understand plants and greenery more, they might in turn make more of an conscious effort to protect sed greenery. This is in addition to the fact by planting more flowers, they are giving back to the environment.

They Learn Valuable Life Lessons 

Aside from learning about the various types of plants and how to make or mend garden items; the act of gardening also helps to develop your children’s other valuable life skills. These can include, but are not limited to; interpersonal, problem solving and organisation skills. 

Gardening is often a team effort therefore the act of gardening encourages teamwork and communication. Accompanying this is the fact that any problem can arise at any time. From sudden downpours which could ruin your fresh paint to pests eating your plants. This ensures that your children remain organisation, vigilant and ready to adapt to any situation that might occur. 

Teaches Patience and Responsibilities

As a parent, it is not uncommon for you to feel like your children sometimes lack patience and responsibilities. While this is nothing wrong with this, in fact most of the time this can be attributed to youthful expression and freedom; gardening is extremely effective in regards to helping your children develop patience and subsequently starting to establish some responsibilities. 

Gardening Is Fun

Potentially the most important element of gardening, especially as far as your children are concerned, is the fact that gardening can be very fun. 

While gardening can help to teach your little ones all manner of important life lessons and skills, the fact they can have an incredible amount of fun while doing so is just as, if not more, important. 

Do You Require Gardening Equipment For Children’s Garden Week? 

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