Why Choose A Wooden Gate

Why Choose A Wooden Gate?

While most people know that we supply a wide range of high quality materials in a range of locations such as elephant fencing in Staffordshire; not nearly as many people know that we also supply wooden gates

While we also supply metal gates, however, timber products are our metaphorical bread and butter.  As such, we would like to focus on exactly why you should consider investing in wooden gates if you haven’t done so already. 

More Sustainable Gate Choice 

In 2022, there is a general push to be more environmentally friendly and overall sustainable. Wood is significantly more sustainable than metal. The fact that metal gates are not as environmentally friendly as wood is largely down to the fact that it takes a lot more natural resources to produce metal. 

Better Privacy 

One of the many reasons you might have installed a gate is to improve your privacy. Luckily, the faithful wooden gate is a much better option than the previously mentioned metal gate. Metal gates can often have metal slats which leave areas of the gate with nothing covering it. Because of this, passers by can peak in through the gate. 

Many wooden gates can be patched up all the way to the top. This ensures there are no gaps and subsequently no where to see in.

Better Aesthetic 

While this one might be more open to interpretation, many would suggest that wooden gates are just more pleasing to the eye than traditional metal gates. Wooden gates usually appear more homely and welcoming. To accompany this they arguably look a lot less intimidating and aggressive. 

Lower Maintenance and Cheaper Replacements

Once you put up your wooden gate, you won’t want to keep having to carry out jobs to improve it. 

Firstly, wooden gates are surprisingly durable and versatile. Many wooden gates last significantly longer than you might at first think. In fact, a lot of hardwood gates can last as long as 30 years if not longer. 

Additionally, if any element of the wooden gate does need replacing, doing so is relatively inexpensive compared to other industry used material. 

Same Level of Security 

If you are of the mindset that metal gates are drastically more secure than wooden gates; you would be very wrong. Wooden gates do not compromise on security and in fact; certain wooden gates can actually be safer than metal ones. 

Please contact us for other great wood related products. We also supply to multiple locations. So whether you are looking for timber decking in Shropshire or fencing in Staffordshire, please contact us and we are sure we will be able to help you out.