Decking in Shropshire Summer

Your Decking in Shropshire This Summer

In Shropshire, and for many parts of the UK for that matter, temperatures have been skyrocketing and even reaching record highs. Some parts of the country have actually seen temperatures as high as 40 degrees Celsius this one of the hottest period in the history of the UK. 

While many thoughts will be given to your home and how it might cope in this heat, however, you might not be thinking of what will happen to decking in this unprecedented heatwave.  

Decking in Shropshire can face a significant amount of problems during periods of soring heat. Furthermore, if not maintained properly, you can face significant problems too. 

Back at the beginning of the year we looked at ways to look after your decking, this time we take a look at ways to look after your decking in the summer. 

Try to Avoid Shrinkage

Over prolonged periods of time, when your decking is exposed to sunlight, the wood will dry and subsequently shrink. In addition to the shrinking, when the temperature is humid, which can fairly often in the UK and therefore in Shropshire, the wood can shrink and also expanding. 

Fluctuating between the two extremes create many problems. The warping effect can in term ruin and permanently damage your decking. 

There are multiple ways you can combat this however. One such way to stop the warping effect from damaging your decking begins before you even lay your decking. You should ensure there is efficient spacing between the different planks of wood. This means should warping happen to your decking, it will not permanently damage your wood. 

Other techniques can include appealing a wood treatment to protect the wood from drying out if that is the incase. Similarly, if your wood keeps drying out, you might want to try appealing water. 

Look Out For Your Decking Becoming Dark

When your decking is exposed to heat or a high UV index, the decking might start to become dark. If this is the case, you should watch out for this. Afterall, you do not want your decking to become dark, maybe even not pleasing to the eye. 

To combat this, you might want to apply a coat of paint immediately once the decking starts to go darker. Or, you could apply the previously mentioned coating. Depending on the coating, it will protect your decking from wood damage. 

Protect Your Feet

This one is more of a self protection rather that protecting your decking. When the temperatures are warm, your decking will warm up considerably. This can lead to a nasty surprise when you step out on the decking for the first time. 

Therefore, we might suggest wearing sufficient foot protection ensuring your feet remain safe and cool. 

At Weston Sawmill, we stock incredible timber decking from Staffordshire. Therefore, if you are looking for high quality decking, why not contact us ASAP. We are sure we will be able to help you out.