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fencing in shropshire - weather maintenance

Protecting Your Fencing from Adverse Weather

While the British weather can be quite unpredictable, one thing you are able to control is the continued maintenance of your brand new fencing.

Weston Sawmill is the leading provider of high-quality fencing for customers right across Shropshire and Staffordshire, meaning we know a thing or two about keeping your fencing looking spectacular.

Here we are going to explore a number of issues and how you can fix them in no time.

4 Issues That Can Affect Fences

  1. Fix Any Existing Damage – If there is a storm on the way, check your fencing and secure any wobbly fence posts by replacing or reinforcing individual posts and replace any broken or damaged panels. It is also vital to check your fencing again following a big storm and make any repairs, as necessary.
  2. Keep the Base of Your Fence Dry – It is equally important to keep fencing out of contact with the moist ground as water collecting at the base of the fence leads to rot quickly. Removing debris around the bottom of the fence and make sure you have sufficient drainage in case of heavy rain. We would also recommend installing concrete or pressure-treated gravel boards for protection against moisture and rot.
  3. Prune Overhanging Plants – If you have overhanging branches that are liable to fall in high winds or heavy snow they will need cutting, as this could lead to costly damage to your fence.
  4. Protect the Wood – Using a preservative helps to protect against decay, mould and fungi. The right preservative depends on the type of wood your fence is made from and if it has already been pressure-treated or not.

Pressure-treated wood already has protection against damp, mould and insects, so will require alternative treatment to freshly sawn timber. It is possible to use a preservative on a pressure-treated fence as long as it is specifically designed for this purpose.

The Leading Provider of Fencing in Shropshire

If you are considering getting a new fence, look no further than Weston Sawmill. We offer the widest selection of fencing in Shropshire plus decking if you looking to completely revamp the look of your garden.

Contact us now for more information.

Fencing in shropshire speciality

Fencing in Shropshire That Beats the Big Freeze

Temperatures across Shropshire and the surrounding areas have plummeted over the past week, with many places experiencing flurries of snow and ice. With the unpredictable weather set to continue, it’s a good time to push on and make plans to revamp the look of your garden.

An essential part of re-designing your garden is the addition of fencing in Shropshire, and we have a wide range of styles to suit any home. Our fencing offers security and privacy and will also shelter vulnerable plants from those cold winds..

All of the fencing manufactured at Weston Sawmill is made with the highest quality of timber; plus we offer a delivery service. Our customer service team can give you more information of any delivery costs.

Stylish and Secure Fencing in Shropshire

Our Closeboarded Fencing Panels are renowned for combining durability without sacrificing on appearance. We believe garden fences complement your plots personality and style, whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary design.

The bonus of having Closeboarded Panels for your fencing in Shropshire is that once it’s installed, you won’t have to change your fencing even if you change your garden’s appearance. The simplistic styling and quality construction fits with most home and garden landscaping designs plus you can have panels from 3ft to 6ft, depending on your requirements.

Below are some reasons why Closeboarded fencing panels will be a perfect fit for you.

Reasons to Choose Closeboarded Fencing in Shropshire

  • Offers plenty of privacy
  • Easy to install and cost effective
  • Offers shelter and wind resistance to soft landscaping elements
  • Fits well with layered or stepped landscaping – in case you have slopes, corners or hills in your grounds

Get Value for Money with Fencing in Shropshire

Based on the border between Shropshire and Staffordshire, Weston Sawmill are the leading providers of fencing in Shropshire and the surrounding areas for 26 years and counting.
Contact our friendly team today and we have no doubt we will find the best deal for your fencing needs. We’d love to hear from you!

Fencing in Shropshire

Fencing in Shropshire is Our Speciality

Fencing in Shropshire is what we do best at Weston Sawmill! Since the day we become established in 1993, we have been delivering woodwork solutions to our customers on a made to measure basis, so that we can achieve the most tailored solutions.

All our fencing in Shropshire is made from beautiful Swedish Redwood, which is dried in a kiln. This method of pressure treatment ensures maximum strength, longevity, and appeal, and once the wood has been treated with an application of water repellent, your guaranteed to have fencing that will last for many years!

To make sure that we have something for any preferred tastes, we have a varied amount of hand crafted fencing panels such as lathes, poles, posts and much more! All of which can be finished in any coating of your choice.

Made to Measure Fencing in Shropshire

Our team of experienced staff at Weston Sawmill and Nursery, are passionate about their work and each fencing panel is uniquely designed and treated to ensure maximum longevity – because of this reason, our fencing in Shropshire is said to be the best around for both the domestic and agricultural market!

Fencing is a part of your home that shouldn’t be overlooked, it is a perfect solution for adding privacy to your garden and provides some sophisticated style. We have an option to suit everyone such as the sturdy and durable overlapping panel – this is available in four different sizes and can be accompanied with a gate to match if you wish!

For something that has a visual effect, opt for the traditional picket fence which suits traditional and modern homes, and looks great around flower beds.

Fencing in Shropshire and Much More

For our full range of fencing in Shropshire, speak to one of our experts who will be happy to discuss your requirements and measurements. Additionally, we can supply decking and furniture along with a range of vibrant plants with raised flower beds so that you can get the complete package from us!

summer fencing in shropshire

Prepare for summer with our fencing in Shropshire

If your fencing in Shropshire is looking in poor shape after the harsh winter months, Weston Sawmill & Nursery can help! Established for more than 20 years, we are a family run business that takes great pride in providing homeowners and businesses with high quality fencing – just in time for the arrival of spring and summer! Manufactured from the finest Redwood, all our fencing options are designed to be suitable for both modern and traditional properties.

Fencing in Shropshire to transform any property

Due to the range of designs that we have available, we guarantee to have something for everyone here at Weston Sawmill & Nursery! Our trellis panels and picket panels prove to be especially popular all year round as when combined with some lush greenery, you can create a truly blissful outdoor space.

For extra privacy, we offer a fantastic range of fence panels that will help you to create an enclosed outdoor space where you can relax in peace. If you have young children or pets, our fencing in Shropshire will be a great solution for providing security and safety – especially as the lighter nights approach with spring and summer.

We have worked with Swedish Redwood for many years now and it is by far the best material for creating made to measure fencing as it boasts a high durability and natural beauty. If you want to personalise your fencing in Shropshire, we even offer our customers a choice of finishes, from classic pale ivory to a rich dark brown – the choice is yours!

Visit our nursery to view our fencing in Shropshire

Since day one, we have been the leading choice made to measure fencing in Shropshire. Our team have a long standing reputation for delivering an excellent level of service and we always provide customers with high quality products which are competitively priced – with help from us, you’ll have your dream home ready in time for summer!

For more information about our other products such as raised flower beds, please contact a member of our team today! You are also more than welcome to visit us at our Nursery where you can view many products in person.

Fencing in Shropshire

Made to measure fencing in Shropshire

If you’re looking for made to measure fencing in Shropshire, you’ve come to the right place! At Weston Sawmill & Nursery, we have over 20 years’ experience behind us and during this time, we’ve provided made to measure fencing for a huge number of customers in and around Shropshire. Built to last and available in a range of styles which are suitable for domestic and agricultural use, we guarantee to have something for everyone! As a family run business we put a real emphasis on delivering a friendly and professional service and through this, we have become renowned for our attention to detail and for always delivering an excellent level of customer service.

Weston Sawmill – the top choice for fencing in Shropshire

At Weston Sawmill we are proud to be the go to choice for fencing in Shropshire and surrounding areas. Not only will our fencing provide your property or land with an increased level of privacy and security all year round, but it will also be a great way of adding character to your property. We have a wide range of styles available including, but not limited to, overlapping panels, closeboard panels, picket fences and even intricate trellis panels which are perfect for trailing greenery. Whatever style you choose, we will ensure that your fencing is made to measure so that it suits the requirements of your home perfectly.

Why choose our fencing in Shropshire?

There are numerous benefits of installing fencing around your land or home. As mentioned above, the most popular reason is that it make individuals feel safe and secure. Our fencing in Shropshire will help to deter intruders, which is perfect for the dark winter nights, and it will also keep animals and young children safe.

In addition to our fencing in Shropshire being made to measure, each panel is also handcrafted from only the very best materials. We specifically use Swedish redwood, a pressure treated wood which is weather resistant, strong and beautiful – the pressure treatment ensures that each panels requires little to no maintenance too.

Order your fencing in Shropshire in today

Not only can we make our fencing in Shropshire from high quality wood but we also have metal and concrete options available too. Why not visit us today to view some of our products such as raised flower beds in person? A member of our team will be on hand to help and can help you with measurements and much more! Alternatively, you can also contact us directly here for more information.

fencing in shropshire

High Quality Fencing in Shropshire

As gale force winds hit the West Midlands thanks to Storm Ophelia, many homeowners in Shropshire woke up to broken fencing. If you too have found yourself in need of replacement fencing in Shropshire, Weston Sawmill can help! As a family run business based on the border of Shropshire and Staffordshire, we regularly supply homeowners and agricultural customers with high quality fencing panels which are stylish and durable. Whether you need one panel replacing or several, we can provide you with high quality fencing which complements your properties exterior.

Fencing in Shropshire for every home

The reasons for investing in new fencing in Shropshire can vary hugely. Some customers approach us because their existing fence is damaged whilst others approach us because they want to create a boundary to increase their security and privacy. Whatever your needs, be them domestic or agricultural, the team here at Weston Sawmill can provide you with the perfect solution.

As a leading supplier of fencing in Shropshire, we offer a vast range of options to ensure that we can cater to all budget and style needs. From elegant trellis panels and standard picket fence panels, to overlapping panels which offer complete privacy, we have something for every home. We also provide concrete products too to give your fencing the support and strength that it needs to withstand even the harshest winter months.

If you’re in need of fencing in Shropshire for agricultural uses, we also supply round and half round timber rails which are machine cut and are perfect for agriculture and equestrian users due to their robust design.

Visit Weston Sawmill for bespoke fencing in Shropshire

At Weston Sawmill, we take great pride in offering a variety of fencing, gates, raised flower beds, and components which are made to measure. As installing fencing can be a time consuming operation, we also offer an installation service for both fences and gates for your convenience. To find out more about our services and products, please contact us today, a member of our friendly and helpful team will be happy to help and can answer any questions that you may have.