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How Weston Sawmill Install Hanging Gates

Installing hanging gates is one part of the landscaping service we offer at Weston Sawmill.
If you’re looking to add additional security to your garden, then hanging gates are a great way to achieve this.
As experienced providers of modern and traditional garden designs, we can replicate the style of your fencing and gates to create a consistent look for your outdoor space.

Reliable Installers of Hanging Gates

Firstly our team will come to your property and measure up for your garden gate and acquire accurate size specifications.
We recommend your gate frame is approximately 20mm wider than your gate, which allows your hanging gate space to expand and retract during different weather conditions.

Hanging Gates – Three Steps to Success

Step 1. Prepare the Frame – Before we begin hanging your gate, we will need to secure a mounting frame. If you’re mounting your gate onto a brick wall, we would suggest using timber wall plates to allow a strong frame with wall plates allowing shutting strips to be fitted easily.

Step 2. Fix Hinges to the Gate and Mounting Post – We expertly fit galvanised hinges and fittings to enable accurate installation
We have worked on properties replacing gates in the past where they have been installed incorrectly by other suppliers with wear and tear visible on the components.

Step 3. Secure Shutting Strips and Latch – Now your gate is securely hung on a mounting frame, we recommend adding a timber baton onto the gate frame at the opposite side of the hinges which prevents the gate from swinging too far against the hinges once its been fixed to the frame.

There are two types of latch you can choose from for Hanging Gates –
Closing Latch – Ideal for smaller gates
Ring Latch – Works better for larger installations

If you have an unfitted gate the latch can be placed in a position of personal preference, whereas a security gate latch should be in the centre rather than the top, making it harder for any intruders to reach.

Order Your Hanging Gates from Weston Sawmill

With over 25 years of experience providing the finest fencing, decking and landscaping products such as hanging gates for a wide range of customers in Staffordshire, Shropshire and Wolverhampton.
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