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Celebrate National Picnic Month with Weston Sawmill

July is National Picnic Month where we encourage you to enjoy delicious snacks outdoors in the sunshine.
Where’s better to enjoy a picnic with family and friends than your own garden?
Here at Weston Sawmill, we understand the importance of having a perfect outdoor living space, which is why we supply the finest fencing and decking plus classy features such as pergolas.

Top Tips for the Perfect Home Picnic

When the sun is shining there’s nothing better than sitting in your glorious garden enjoying some treats, so here are some essential tips to create the perfect picnic.

Preparation Is Key –  Assemble all of your plates, cups, glasses and cutlery before your guests get to your home so everyone can tuck in once they arrive.
Keep it Simple –  Picnics are meant to have simple foods so make sure you have plenty of sandwiches, pies and scones to go around.
Have Drinks Ready –  Have plenty of refreshing squash mixed beforehand to save going back and forth to the house for refills. Wimbledon has just begun too, so don’t forget to pack some Pimm’s and strawberries too!

Creating the Ideal Outdoor Eating Area

High-quality decking is a must if you’ve decided to convert part of your garden to an outdoor eating area for picnics or barbeques.
If you have wooden kitchen flooring, then decking from Weston Sawmill is the perfect way to mimic your interior design.

Our decking is pressure treated to improve durability and give our customers value for money with sizes ranging from 3m to 4.8 metres.

Order Your Decking in Shropshire Today

Weston Sawmill has over 25 years of experience providing the finest fencing, decking and made to measure gates for customers in Shropshire, Staffordshire and Wolverhampton.
We are a family run business, so we pride ourselves on delivering the best customer service and continuing to grow our reputation within the industry.
If you’d like to know more about any of our products, please get in touch today.

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Raise a Glass to Decking in Shropshire

Delightful decking in Shropshire from Weston Sawmill is the best setting to celebrate National Wine Day on 25th May.
Whether you are white, red or rose person, there’s nothing better after a long day than relaxing in your garden with a couple of glasses.
Dating back thousands of years, wine was always the drink of choice for banquets by the Romans and now today we can indulge in our own gardens with friends and family.

Bespoke Decking in Shropshire

Here at Weston Sawmill we offer a complete bespoke package for all your decking requirements, giving you the garden of your dreams.
Take your living space outdoors with these innovative ideas:

  • Protection – We recommend adding anti-slip decking stain that will help protect your wood when it’s raining
  • Let’s go to the Beach! – Create a seaside vibe with a boardwalk flanked by pebbles leading to your decking
  • Grab a Drink – Carrying on the beach vibe you can add a mini-bar area to your raised decking area; making it the perfect social space ready for BBQ season
  • Colour is key – Decking is usually in quite pale or warm natural shades of wood but you could consider a darker colour to help show off the vibrancy of your garden flowers
  • Mix it up – Get an ultra-modern look with wooden decking mixed with stone paving; giving it a contrast of light and dark colours
  • Raise the roof – Rooftop conversions look fantastic with decking coupled with raised flower beds highlighting beautiful greenery
  • Connect features – If you’ve decided to complement your decking with a water feature, adding float on stairs between the two elements will look stunning

Providers of High Quality Decking in Shropshire

Weston Sawmill have been the leading provider of high quality decking since 1993 for areas such as Staffordshire and Shropshire.
If you’d like to know more about our services, please contact us today to speak to our customer services team.

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Lanterns Can Light the Way for Your Decking in Shropshire

Decking in Shropshire isn’t complete without some light, and luckily here at Weston Sawmill we also provide a variety of styles of lanterns that can fit any style of decking.

Although the temperatures are quite chilly right now, there’s nothing you stopping you planning and visualising those nights out on the garden decking once the warm weather comes around again.

Our lanterns will also save you money on your electric bills, as you can use candles or battery powered fairy tea lights (both of which don’t require a fixed electrical source) to spread light across your garden. This will also give your decking a unique look and certainly get your neighbours talking.

The Choice of Modern or Vintage Lanterns for Decking in Shropshire

Weston Sawmill’s range of lanterns offers the best of both worlds! Whether you are looking to complement a contemporary or vintage look we have a style of the lantern that will fit right in.
Our range of storm lanterns can be used on an outdoor table on your decking in Shropshire. Lining them along the length of the table adds a subtle light for cosy nights outside during the summer for a modernised design.

Another use for our range of lanterns in your garden. There is a growing trend which we’re right behind of hanging them from your trees close to your decking. As it is with the tables this brings warmth and creates a cosy atmosphere which blurs the lines between your indoor living areas and outdoor decking.

Our range of small metal lanterns is sturdy so you can also use them to light a pathway to your shed or pond, without the fear of them falling over and breaking. With their intricate patterns, they will also display the candle lights in an innovative way! For more of a vintage look.

Talk to Us About Lanterns for Your Decking in Shropshire

Weston Sawmill has been providing lighting solutions for decking in Shropshire and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. If you’d like to know more about our range of lanterns, contact our friendly team today to discuss your requirements.

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Dream of summer with decking in Shropshire

Planning for decking in Shropshire for the summer is a great way to beat those post-Christmas blues.
Keeping your mind focussed and setting attainable goals is what January is all about and we thought we’d share some great ideas for decking in Shropshire to get your creative juices flowing.

Get creative with decking in Shropshire

You may not know, but you can have square or rounded decking in Shropshire, so let’s have a look at the benefits of both –
• Square decking – Using our expert team of designers and installers here at Weston Sawmill this can look spectacular and work to any budget. Typically square decking also works well with some form of railing or balustrade
• Rounded decking – For those with a bigger budget and more space in their garden, rounded decking is ideal for those looking to construct around a pond

Deciding on levels for your decking in Shropshire

There are three different levels you can have your decking installed at; with each suiting a unique design aesthetic as well as differing budgets.

Ground level decking is the most popular type as it’s the most straightforward to install as well as being a great alternative to a patio.

Raised decking often appeals to families with a sloped or split landscape as it can give you spectacular views of your garden.

Multi-level decking is a premium option we offer at Weston Sawmill, as it can completely change the look of your garden and transform it into an entertainment or hosting area in the summer. Because of the multi-levels you can choose to have a seating area in one level and then perhaps a barbeque or hot tub in another; the choice is yours!

Here at Weston Sawmill we only use the finest materials to construct our decking in Shropshire, to make sure our products can bring your ideas to life.

Get in touch to discuss decking in Shropshire today

For over 25 years Weston Sawmill has been providing the highest quality of decking in Shropshire, so contact us today to talk us through your requirements. Our friendly team can offer you a free no obligation quote.

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Maintaining your decking in Shropshire this Winter

It’s fair to say you will use your decking in Shropshire a lot less during the colder winter months.

During this time of inactivity it’s vital to provide regular maintenance to stop it going into a state of disrepair and looking old and tired.

With the summer heatwave now a distant memory many families are using indoor rooms to spend time together, but preserving the pride in your property also means not forgetting about your decking.

Here are some of the most common decking issues –
• Loss of natural colour, with decking boards turning grey or silver over time
• Build up of moss, mildew or mould that makes wood slippery
• Decking that is cracking, peeling and flaking off

Before you even consider any maintenance it’s important to first look at the positioning of the decking.

For example a south facing decking will face the full brunt of the summer sun, which in turn could cause fading in colour.
Whereas decking that is partially shaded by parts of your plants and flowers may be subject to mould and algae due to damp conditions and falling leaves.

Best tools for your decking in Shropshire

There are five main types of treatment which can help keep your decking looking top class:
• Decking oils
• Decking paints
• Decking cleaners and restorers
• Decking preservers

Speak to the decking in Shropshire experts

For 25 years Weston Sawmill has been at the heart of the community of Shropshire making sure you get top quality timber products at competitive prices.

Our decking ranges from 3m to 4.8m and if you’re looking to add a touch of class to your home, we will be happy to advise on the best sizes for you.
Contact us today and speak to one of our friendly and approachable team about your next project and see how we can make it even better.

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Durable Decking in Shropshire Suitable for The Cooler Weather

During this time of year, there are many reasons why you might be looking for decking in Shropshire. Whether you are hoping to replace an un-used grass area with new flooring, or if you simply want to replace your old ones with something that’s strong and sturdy – you’ll find just what you’re looking for at Weston Sawmill & Nursery!

Since we are a family ran business and with over three decades of experience in decking, fencing, landscaping, and much more, our nursery is home to the best exterior options, designed with quality and style in mind.

The Most Outstanding Decking in Shropshire

Along with the Swedish Redwood providing our decking in Shropshire with impressive strength to withstand Autumn and Winter weather conditions, our timber decking is a great way to create the garden you’ve always wanted with texture and dimension.

You may be wondering what makes our decking in Shropshire so strong? It’s all down to the Swedish Redwood having strong cell bonds and we’ll even pressure treat it to reduce swelling, cracking, and rooting… With just a simply change of adding decking to your garden, it’s a cost-effective way to make your exterior stunning!

If you have certain project to achieve such as adding a pergola, dining area, or even a children’s play area, decking will create the perfect secure timber deck.

To make our services even more impressive, our team work extremely hard to give you something personal based on your budget. We’ll design your decking in a way that’s most suitable to your lifestyle!

Start the Process of Your Decking in Shropshire Today

Ready to get designing your new decking in Shropshire? All you need to do is contact us and we can arrange a measuring service at your home. If you already know what your measurements are, take a look at our decking options on our website or pop into our nursery – feel free to ask for directions!

We can supply to surrounding areas such as Staffordshire and Wolverhampton.

Improve Your Outdoor Living This Summer with Decking in Shropshire

Wondering where to host your summer gatherings or BBQs this summer? It starts with our fantastic decking in Shropshire! With many years of supplying decking since 1993, we have one of the best teams who make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for – there are so many benefits that are decking can provide for you, and that’s what makes them so great.

With a helping hand from us, we can add value to your property, maintain it, and make your outdoor living more comfortable.

Get Creative with Our Decking in Shropshire

If you are looking to add something new to your garden this summer or if you simply want to spend more time outdoors, our decking in Shropshire will allow you to get creative with the design and achieve a quirky outdoor sitting area! These types of decking areas are perfect for socialising, and they can be decorated with stunning garden furniture, flower beds, or anything that you fancy – the possibilities are endless!

To make sure our decking in Shropshire is completely tailored to your property, we will come to your home and take a look at your available space, then designs a plan that we know you’ll love based on your budget. Our decking can be finished in any colour, coating, or shine that you want, so you can really go to town and transform your outdoor living area if you wish.

Take a look at the images below for inspiration what our decking can do for your garden:

Decking in ShropshireDecking in Shropshire

Made to Measure Decking in Shropshire

Once we have came up with a design for your garden and you’re completely happy with the style, all our decking in Shropshire is made to measure for a precise application.

Our decking is guaranteed to give you a wow factor before and after installation, so contact us today and we can get the process started… You may even want to consider our fencing to go with it!