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Fencing in Staffordshire

Get Creative with Your Swedish Redwood Fencing in Staffordshire This Summer!

Summer has been glorious this year, and here at Weston Sawmill, we have watched our fencing in Staffordshire transform exteriors and provide security for properties.

Many people think that fencing provides little more than just protection around their property, but our fencing is designed with the country’s most luxury Swedish redwood – meaning you can go completely to town with designs and the anaesthetics!

You home should be all about showing your unique style and creating a comfortable place for family and friends to relax in… That’s exactly what our fencing can provide!

More Than Just Fencing in Staffordshire

You may be asking yourself what makes our fencing in Staffordshire so different to the rest, and the answer is that we are a family ran business and every fence is made with your requirements in mind, so you simply wont find fencing like ours anywhere else!

We currently have a range of re-made fencing which can be delivered to your home, however by taking advantage of our unique bespoke services, this will let you design your own fencing, decorate it however you wish, and get the most out of your budget.

Of course with any fencing in Staffordshire that we provide, strength and durability is always important – that’s why we use Swedish redwood! Every panel is pressure treated to fight of any harmful parasites and will look brand new for years.

Along side all these fantastic benefits, we also have many styles to choose from such as panel, picket, trellis, and cladding – we can help you choose which one will be best for your property once you have been in touch.

Free Delivery for Fencing in Staffordshire Is Possible!

Now, lets get down to the other additional bits to consider such as delivery… If you have a large order of over £350, then we will deliver our fencing in Staffordshire to you for free! That means you can get the best fencing on the market, delivered straight to your home, and installed by our expert staff.

To take a look at our landscape services by clicking here or contact us today.

fencing in staffordshire

Fencing in Staffordshire for Summer Fun

Fencing in Staffordshire is all about personal preference and a decision not to be made lightly. Your fence needs to capture your personality and as a result here at Weston Sawmill we offer a huge choice of fencing for your garden. A garden is where families can grow, play and relax with children and pets, our fences are strong and sturdy keeping you safe and secure as the summer sun arrives. With our help, you’ll maintain your properties theme and colour scheme, and for over two decades we’ve been the first choice for fencing in Staffordshire.

Browse our range of traditional fence panels, including classic picket fences, trellises or overlapping panels. To match our fence panels we have poles, rolls, and much more – all to help you achieve the very best fence solutions!

Add the Finishing Touches with Fencing in Staffordshire

Your fence should never be overlooked! They define your garden area by adding aesthetic qualities that complete the finishing touches to a home or business. For fencing in Staffordshire, no matter the style you’ll find a suitable and stunning solution at the Weston Sawmill. Our fences are handmade and crafted by experienced professionals. Using only the finest Swedish redwood for our fencing, we assure you it is made to last. Swedish Redwood is pressure treated with water repellent so whether the weather is calm or stormy, your fence will triumph through the seasons.

Decking, Gates and Fencing in Staffordshire

In addition to our fencing in Staffordshire, the Weston Sawmill also offer a huge choice in decking, made to measure gates and beautiful collection of fresh flowers, bushes and trees from our nursery. So, for information about any of our outdoor pleasure which we guarantee will boost your garden, get in touch with our team today for helpful and friendly advice.

Fencing in Shropshire

Fencing in Shropshire is Our Speciality

Fencing in Shropshire is what we do best at Weston Sawmill! Since the day we become established in 1993, we have been delivering woodwork solutions to our customers on a made to measure basis, so that we can achieve the most tailored solutions.

All our fencing in Shropshire is made from beautiful Swedish Redwood, which is dried in a kiln. This method of pressure treatment ensures maximum strength, longevity, and appeal, and once the wood has been treated with an application of water repellent, your guaranteed to have fencing that will last for many years!

To make sure that we have something for any preferred tastes, we have a varied amount of hand crafted fencing panels such as lathes, poles, posts and much more! All of which can be finished in any coating of your choice.

Made to Measure Fencing in Shropshire

Our team of experienced staff at Weston Sawmill and Nursery, are passionate about their work and each fencing panel is uniquely designed and treated to ensure maximum longevity – because of this reason, our fencing in Shropshire is said to be the best around for both the domestic and agricultural market!

Fencing is a part of your home that shouldn’t be overlooked, it is a perfect solution for adding privacy to your garden and provides some sophisticated style. We have an option to suit everyone such as the sturdy and durable overlapping panel – this is available in four different sizes and can be accompanied with a gate to match if you wish!

For something that has a visual effect, opt for the traditional picket fence which suits traditional and modern homes, and looks great around flower beds.

Fencing in Shropshire and Much More

For our full range of fencing in Shropshire, speak to one of our experts who will be happy to discuss your requirements and measurements. Additionally, we can supply decking and furniture along with a range of vibrant plants with raised flower beds so that you can get the complete package from us!

Fencing in Staffordshire

Fencing in Staffordshire in Time for Spring

Fencing in Staffordshire by Weston Sawmill and Nursery has a fantastic visual appeal, along with adding privacy to your garden or outdoor space. Spring is getting close! So now is the perfect time to replace your dated fence panels with our beautifully hand-crafted fencing that is guaranteed to be the perfect addition around your garden.

Our range of products is extensive and unique; therefore, our team of well-trained craftsmen work close with you to provide a bespoke solution that fulfils and exceed your requirements!
We’ll make sure to create a safe space for your family and pets to play and relax in, giving you peace of mind that they won’t wander too far… For our full range of fencing in Staffordshire, see here.

Hand Crafted Fencing in Staffordshire

Fencing in Staffordshire needs to be equally strong as it is aesthetically pleasing! After the rough weather we have seen at the start of March, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about new fencing. You can rest assured knowing that our fencing has been designed from 20 years’ worth of woodworking experience, using the finest materials. We promise our fencing will last for many years no matter what the weather!

Swedish Redwood is used in all our crafted fencing. This strong and stunning wood is dried in a kiln to ensure a more durable product. To make our fencing even more impressive, we will add water repellent at the end of the process to provide you with the perfect fence that will stand the test of time whilst reaming a great look throughout.

Fencing in Staffordshire – Get in Touch Right Away

As mentioned above, our fencing in Staffordshire is designed around you and our designers produce fencing that you’ll love! To get the motions turning or to make an enquiry, get in touch with us today.

decking in wolverhampton

Strong and Durable Decking in Wolverhampton

For decking in Wolverhampton and surrounding areas, look no further than Weston Sawmill and Nursery. With over 20 years experience in the woodworking industry, we produce extraordinary decking which guarantees to add a fresh new look to any garden area or business exterior. We only use high quality, sustainable materials such as Swedish Redwood, this is dried in a kiln and then pressure treated to increase strength, durability and quality. All our decking is also treated with a water repellent solution, to protect the wood from the cold and wet weather.

Prepare for the Summer and the Warmer Weather with our Decking in Wolverhampton

With summer on its way, we have a number of decking options to suit your lifestyle, price range and taste. If you are planning ahead for the warmer weather and want to move your relaxation spot from inside to the garden, then we can help you to make this process simple, easy and stress free.

Weston Sawmill and Nursery additionally has a range of artisanal woodworking products, a range of trees and plants from our blooming nursery. To complete your gardens new makeover browse our range of sheds and fencing panels. Meeting your requirements is what we strive for and we love creating bespoke solutions for all our customers, creating and truly unique garden.

For Decking in Wolverhampton Contact us Today!

We have a delivery service for all our decking in Wolverhampton which we will be happy to discuss and arrange with you. For our full range of decking see here. We have something for everyone, and we’ll work with you every step of the way, ensuring we provide the decking you want for that perfect garden relaxation spot.

If you require any additional information or have any questions about other services such as raised flower beds, please speak to our friendly customer support team today.

summer fencing in shropshire

Prepare for summer with our fencing in Shropshire

If your fencing in Shropshire is looking in poor shape after the harsh winter months, Weston Sawmill & Nursery can help! Established for more than 20 years, we are a family run business that takes great pride in providing homeowners and businesses with high quality fencing – just in time for the arrival of spring and summer! Manufactured from the finest Redwood, all our fencing options are designed to be suitable for both modern and traditional properties.

Fencing in Shropshire to transform any property

Due to the range of designs that we have available, we guarantee to have something for everyone here at Weston Sawmill & Nursery! Our trellis panels and picket panels prove to be especially popular all year round as when combined with some lush greenery, you can create a truly blissful outdoor space.

For extra privacy, we offer a fantastic range of fence panels that will help you to create an enclosed outdoor space where you can relax in peace. If you have young children or pets, our fencing in Shropshire will be a great solution for providing security and safety – especially as the lighter nights approach with spring and summer.

We have worked with Swedish Redwood for many years now and it is by far the best material for creating made to measure fencing as it boasts a high durability and natural beauty. If you want to personalise your fencing in Shropshire, we even offer our customers a choice of finishes, from classic pale ivory to a rich dark brown – the choice is yours!

Visit our nursery to view our fencing in Shropshire

Since day one, we have been the leading choice made to measure fencing in Shropshire. Our team have a long standing reputation for delivering an excellent level of service and we always provide customers with high quality products which are competitively priced – with help from us, you’ll have your dream home ready in time for summer!

For more information about our other products such as raised flower beds, please contact a member of our team today! You are also more than welcome to visit us at our Nursery where you can view many products in person.

quality fencing in wolverhampton

Create your dream garden with fencing in Wolverhampton

Beat those January blues and get ready for summer with our stunning fencing options in Wolverhampton! If you are looking for quality fencing to get your garden ready for the summer months, then Weston Sawmill & Nursery is the place to go! Our craftsmen work endlessly to produce authentic designs using only the finest quality materials to ensure that we can provide homeowners across the midlands with high quality fencing which is bespoke to you. With the cold slowly passing, now is the perfect time to prepare for the warmer days ahead with our beautiful designs, we promise to have something for everyone!

Fencing in Wolverhampton – It adds more than just privacy

As a family run business, we care about giving all our customers fencing in Wolverhampton that is bespoke and affordable. We will take all your requirements into consideration to create a fencing solution that will bring comfort and privacy to you and family for many, many years.

One of the most important reasons for investing in quality fencing in Wolverhampton is to create a sense of privacy and security around your home. At Weston Sawmill & Nursery however, our fencing will give you more than this! Stylish and oozing a natural beauty, our fencing will help you to transform the exterior of your home. Our Trellis fencing in particular is a fantastic option as by adding flowerbeds or climbing plants, you can create a garden which looks truly magical.

For that added splash of character, a timeless classic picket fencing might be the best option for you. These are extremely decorative and will look great when accompanied with a bold colour finish.

Choose the best fencing in Wolverhampton for you

To make sure that our fencing in Wolverhampton is first class, we only use the finest materials such as Swedish Redwood which has been specially pressure treated to ensure strength, durability, and quality. If you would like to find out more about our products, then please contact us. You can also visit our nursery based in Shropshire where you will discover lots of our other amazing products such as decking, gates, raised flower beds, and giftware!

Fencing in Shropshire

Made to measure fencing in Shropshire

If you’re looking for made to measure fencing in Shropshire, you’ve come to the right place! At Weston Sawmill & Nursery, we have over 20 years’ experience behind us and during this time, we’ve provided made to measure fencing for a huge number of customers in and around Shropshire. Built to last and available in a range of styles which are suitable for domestic and agricultural use, we guarantee to have something for everyone! As a family run business we put a real emphasis on delivering a friendly and professional service and through this, we have become renowned for our attention to detail and for always delivering an excellent level of customer service.

Weston Sawmill – the top choice for fencing in Shropshire

At Weston Sawmill we are proud to be the go to choice for fencing in Shropshire and surrounding areas. Not only will our fencing provide your property or land with an increased level of privacy and security all year round, but it will also be a great way of adding character to your property. We have a wide range of styles available including, but not limited to, overlapping panels, closeboard panels, picket fences and even intricate trellis panels which are perfect for trailing greenery. Whatever style you choose, we will ensure that your fencing is made to measure so that it suits the requirements of your home perfectly.

Why choose our fencing in Shropshire?

There are numerous benefits of installing fencing around your land or home. As mentioned above, the most popular reason is that it make individuals feel safe and secure. Our fencing in Shropshire will help to deter intruders, which is perfect for the dark winter nights, and it will also keep animals and young children safe.

In addition to our fencing in Shropshire being made to measure, each panel is also handcrafted from only the very best materials. We specifically use Swedish redwood, a pressure treated wood which is weather resistant, strong and beautiful – the pressure treatment ensures that each panels requires little to no maintenance too.

Order your fencing in Shropshire in today

Not only can we make our fencing in Shropshire from high quality wood but we also have metal and concrete options available too. Why not visit us today to view some of our products such as raised flower beds in person? A member of our team will be on hand to help and can help you with measurements and much more! Alternatively, you can also contact us directly here for more information.

Christmas trees in Staffordshire

Last chance to buy Christmas trees in Staffordshire!

Christmas Day is almost here so if you’re still on the hunt for Christmas trees in Staffordshire, why not pay a visit to Weston Sawmill & Nursery? With a huge selection of real trees available and our very own Christmas decorations and lights shop, we can help to make your Christmas extra magical! Our team have over 20 years’ experience and we are renowned for stocking stunning spruce and fir trees in all sizes to suit every home! In fact, our Christmas trees have been extra popular this year due to the beauty and fine quality!

Real Christmas trees in Staffordshire for your home or business

If you want to give your home or business a real Christmassy feeling this year, then our real Christmas trees in Staffordshire will do the trick nicely. We have two types of trees at Weston Sawmill that will be ideal for everyone.

If you are looking to wow your guests with something truly festive, our Nordmann Fir trees will be the best choice for you! These trees can come in any size and will provide you with an authentic look due to their silky green foliage and the fullness of the branches. You will be able to decorate these trees to your heart’s content and we guarantee you will have one of the best Christmas trees in Staffordshire! One thing that makes these trees especially popular is that they have no sharp needles, this makes them safe for your little ones and pets – it also means that you don’t have to spend the holidays hoovering up!

If you’re looking for Christmas trees in Staffordshire that are ideal for planting after, then why not try our potted Norway spruce trees? These are great for creating a traditional look in your home and you will be in the true Christmas spirit as these trees have a divine festive smell. Once the big day is over, you can easily plant the tree in your garden too!

Discover Christmas trees in Staffordshire at great prices

As Christmas is just around the corner, now is the perfect time to add some festive cheer to your home with one of our Christmas trees in Staffordshire! All our trees are competitively priced to ensure that you bag a bargain this winter and we also offer both potted and non potted options. To find the perfect tree for your home, please feel free to visit us today. Alternatively, you can also contact us directly for more information about our products and services!
Finally, from the team here at Weston Sawmill, we’d like to wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Fencing in Staffordshire

Add privacy and style to your home with our fencing in Staffordshire

If you want to add privacy and style to your home, Weston Sawmill & Nursery has the perfect solution for you with our fencing in Staffordshire! A family run business based nearby in Shropshire, we have over twenty years’ experience in supplying the finest quality materials and products to our customers. As a result of this, we are proud to be known for being the leading suppliers of fencing across the Midlands and we guarantee that we will have something to suit every home!

Why choose us for fencing in Staffordshire?

Our fencing can bring many benefits to your home. The first being increased levels of privacy. If you and your children are relaxing outside in your garden, or you’re putting the washing out in a rush, you can relax knowing that our fencing in Staffordshire will provide you with total privacy, creating your own little space of relaxation and bliss.

Do you live near a busy road or just want some extra security? If so, our fencing in Staffordshire will also help to create a barrier between your home and the outside world. This means that you can let your children run around safely whilst keeping a watchful eye on them!

In addition to increasing your privacy and security, our fencing is also great for adding character and personality to the exterior of your home. At Weston Sawmill & Nursery, we understand that style plays a key role in choosing new fencing which is why we have a huge range of designs available which are made from long lasting materials such as hard-wearing kiln dried Red Wood. All our fences can be made to measure to ensure that you’re left with a perfect fit and you can even have your chosen fence finished in whatever colour you fancy – you could even choose to leave the wood natural so that it blends in with your garden.

Shop online for fencing in Staffordshire

We understand that the British weather can be harsh on wood, for this reason, we only supply hardwearing fencing in Staffordshire is treated with a unique water repellent finish to protect it from the elements. If you would like to find out more our products and services, then please get in touch! A member of our team will be more than happy to help and can even help you with taking measurements for your fencing.